GoldMiner Airdrop: Combine DeFi, collectibles and your own personality.


GoldMiner X CMC is coming up with an Airdrop of 335 NFTs worth more than $100,000.

GoldMiner is a Free-to-Play Third-person shooter NFT game where everyone can start playing without the need to pay.

What is GoldMiner?

GoldMiner is a Free-to-Play Third-individual shooter NFT game where everybody can begin playing without the need to pay. GoldMiner additionally utilizes the Play-to-Earn model to remunerate players with tokens and gear through powerful ongoing interaction and support in PvP competitions. With this consistent blend of the DeFi and P2E models, GoldMiner offers players the chance to play and acquire awards simultaneously.

Utilizing the Crypto Play against instrument, we give players in-game benefits from checking the digital money markets. Having better attention to the chances on the lookout, they might go further and buy their most loved crypto, which will help the entire market overall and our own GoldMiner organization.

GoldMiner Ecosystem:

GoldMiner is a play-to-procure Third-individual shooter gold-playing game. The’s client will likely expand the mining hit rate and outfit the person with a special NFTs to help the person increment the game yield. Join DeFi, collectibles and your own character. The GoldMiner is a universe brimming with pioneers’ motivation. Anybody can acquire tokens through capable games and commitments to the environment. Players can gather, battle, exchange, and partake in various fortune mainland for gold chunks to get exceptional yields.

You can purchase NFT excavator characters in the Market or in the Official Store. To guarantee the exceptional yield of the game and the uncommonness of the NFT, each character is given in restricted amounts. The higher the quality, the quicker the mining speed and the higher the benefit.

Each Character props has special details and capacities, making them NFTs mintable. Snares are the most essential game props, you can purchase the fundamental snare secret box in the elderly person’s secret store, each snare has various properties and appearance, snares can update credits, however the appearance is remarkable, flawless snares combined with top ascribes will sell in the commercial center at a significant expense.

Gold Token:

The local advanced cryptographically-got fungible badge of GoldMiner (ticker image GOLD) is an adaptable portrayal of credited utility capacities indicated in the convention/code of GoldMiner, and which is intended to be utilized exclusively as an interoperable utility token on the gaming environment.

GOLD tokens can be utilized to:

As the local stage money, it could be utilized as the method of repayment for different assets or in-game overhauls.

  • For model, players can exchange on the commercial centre for GOLD tokens, mint solid NFTs, or compensation against different players in PvP mode to win more tokens, or lease NFTs to different players in return for GOLD tokens.

Gold token can also be used for advantages such as:

  • Speed up time-gated content.
  • Open plunder boxes.
  • Staking for higher levels.


Token symbol: GM

Total supply: 100,000,000,000

Hardcap: $1,175,000

Private sale: $675,000

Public sale: $500,000

Initial Market Cap: $350,000

Initial Circulation Supply: 7000,000,000

Total Diluted Market Cap: $5,000,000

About the Airdrop:

GoldMiner X CMC is airdropping a total of 335 NFTs that will be available to 335 winners. The launch happened on November 6th and the airdrop is woth more than $100,000. Here’s how to participate:

1 – Go to

2 – Search for GoldMiner

3 – Add GoldMiner to your CoinMarketCap watchlist

4 – Follow GoldMiner Twitter account

5 – Retweet the GoldMiner NFTs Airdrop event and tag 3 of your best friends that love the GoldMiner.

6 – Join GoldMiner telegram group

7 – Join GoldMiner telegram channel

8 – Fill in the airdrop form and leave your BSC address. 

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