HashLand airdrop: Incentivising GameFi


  • HashLand is airdropping 250 HCs to 3000 winners.
  • HashLand is the synthesiser of digital ownership and foundational assets

What is HashLand?

HashLand is the main decentralized engineered resources stage that joins Intellectual Property and hash rate Assets. Connecting NFTs and hash rate resources, it can reshape the hash rate market as Synthetic NFT, subsequently laying the fundamental incentive for the S-NFT. Through the Minting Contract, Purchase Contract, and Mining Contract, it can give a valuable tool kit to hash rate suppliers and Intellectual Property suppliers the same.

The liquidity of S-NFT is ensured by the decentralized frameworks like the SWAP, POOL, CREDIT, and AUCTION. Each HashLand Synthetic NFT will exist forever on the chain, with limitless expandability. All S-NFT information can be gotten to by any outsider, permitting local area engineers to construct their own agreements above them.

HashLand has given the HC token to advance turn of events. HC tokens are compensated to clients who makes collaborations or add to the HashLand advancement.

What makes HashLand exceptional?

Reshaping the hash rate market with non-fungible S-NFT, collateralizing the NFT with certifiable resources, returning the overseeing privileges to the clients, and further developing the Hash universe with DAO.

At the point when individuals talk about the crypto space, many cast questions that this virtual world has no actual substance. As the principal casing of the framework, Blockchain innovation offers solid agreement by its permanence. Accordingly, it is conceivable that we can fashion NFT alongside other actual resources into another engineered resource.

In spite of the fact that commerciality and imaginative worth are as yet the essential components, NFT had as of now broadly spreading in the craftsmanship circle. With NFT as the principal outline, actual elements are being normalized then manufactured into the S-NFT. HashLand additionally assembled a bunch of agreements that empowers liquidity of the S-NFT absent a lot of starting assets.


Symbol: HC

Contract Address:

Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)

Total: 21,000,000

Pre-Mined: 2,100,000

Daily Output: 7200

Deflation Model: 0.25 HC per Block; 7200 HC per day; 10% cut every 3 months,for three years.

45% HC production will be burnt before the official launch of GameFi.

About the airdrop

HashLand is airdropping 250 HCs. The details of the airdrop is here:

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