HeroesTD Airdrop: Collect and Build your own deck to win


  • HeroesTD is airdropping 60000 HTDs, the main token of the game to 2000 winners.
  • With the desire to make an engaging battleground for both gaming and crypto fans to engage and acquire benefits, the CG Studio group has been fostering a NFT collectible pinnacle guard methodology game – known as Heroes TD.

What is HeroesTD?

Heroes TD is a blockchain-based Play to Earn game, where players bring Heroes to attack foe bases and guard their bases. There are 2 sorts of Heroes: Basic Heroes and NFT Heroes. Basic Heroes are given to players toward the starting to encounter the game. These Heroes are essential for low-level PvP Arena. Players can likewise utilize these heroes to procure CGC for taking part in Daily occasions, journeys, and so on.

For significant level PvP Arena, Ranked Match, Tournaments, and Challenges, a solid deck is required. Players can get NFT Heroes to reinforce their deck. NFT Heroes must be bought from the Marketplace, or be brought by utilizing 2 NFT Heroes.

HTD and CGC are the principal tokens utilized for all in game exercises and the Marketplace. Players can utilize HTD and CGC to additionally work on their decks, take part in undeniable level games, and become the best player.

What is HeroesTD token?

HTD is a specific DeFi token for Heroes TD. The tokens can be utilized to take part in game exercises and buy resources on the Marketplace. HTD has one unique use which makes it an unquestionable requirement have for Heroes TD – calling new Heroes. HTD can be acquired through in game Play-to-Earn exercises.

Also, marking component will be presented, which permits clients to stake their HTD tokens to acquire extra HTDs while hanging tight for game turn of events.

About the Airdrop

HeroesTD is coming with an airdrop of its main token HTDs to 2000 winners. The total amount of the airdrop will be 60000 HTDs.

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