JoJo Airdrop: A decentralised Meme coin Metaverse


  • JOJO Tokens are 100% decentralised and are led by community nodes and managed by volunteers.
  • It is airdropping a total amount of 185,000,000 JOJO tokens to 5000 winners.

What is JOJO?

JOJO comes from Japan, in light of the A (Animation) C (Comic) G (Game) N (Novel) culture that began in Japan and is broadly adored everywhere, joined with the main NFT and DeFi advancements in the blockchain.

It gives total NFT basic apparatuses, including NFT projecting, exchanging, and mining, and so forth Simultaneously, it will likewise open up an assortment of interactivity like refinement and propagation. The NFT isn’t just an assortment, however it will likewise bring you more fun and make more worth.

OJO Gamebase advances game brooding and dissemination, assembles JOJO diversion meta-universe with an assortment of games, and makes a new blockchain game monetary framework, making games intriguing and fun, yet in addition productive.

Joining the most recent advancements like NFT+NFC/AR, and consolidating great IP with in vogue creators to deliver physical toys, clients can likewise plan the NFT relating to the actual item to the game to accomplish balanced correspondence between the actual article and the NFT, breaking the limit among virtual and reality.

JOJO Tokenomics

JOJO Token is given dependent on the Binance Smart Chain, which is totally decentralized, with practically no private value and group reservations, and takes on a super ignition instrument to cause the quantity of Tokens to consume rapidly, significantly diminishing the flow of the absolute inventory. Under the reason of reasonable issuance, it will trigger the relating Token appropriation for each move or exchange on the chain, which incorporates money holding pay, Token consume and NFT mining pool, and will consume all private keys to guarantee its decency.

About the Airdrop

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