Lepasa Airdrop: Your gateway to collect Fine Art


  • Lepasa aims to establish a platform that allows its content creators to own and capture the full value of their contributions.
  • Lepasa is airdropping 200 NFTs worth $60,000 to 200 winners.

What is Lepasa?

Lepasa envisions to make a mythological world that environments excellent legendries. This will offer a social encounter with an economy driven by layers of land and remarkable animals’ proprietorship, with content dissemination. Designers will actually want to make applications on top of Lepasa, circulate them to clients, also adapt them.

Later on, undertaking might have potential outcomes to carry out peer-to-peer interchanges, a prearranging framework for intuitive substance, also an arrangement of cryptographic money instalments for in-world exchanges. A correspondence layer for social encounters, giving situating, stances, voice talk, and the sky is the limit from there; This can be accomplished with a P2P organization. The prearranging framework is the instrument that land proprietors can use to depict the conduct and connections of 3D articles, sound, and applications running ashore hinders.

What are the uses of Lepasa?

Lepasa’s proposal to application and game fashioners is that they can totally take advantage of the monetary collaboration between their applications and customers. To allow those money related affiliations, the stage would allow three things to be traded: crypto tokens, automated product, and organizations.

Applications and Games: The prearranging language would permit to foster the applications, games, betting, and dynamic 3D scenes and to deal with a wide scope of capacities, including making objects, stacking surfaces, taking care of material science, encoding client communications, sounds, instalments, and outer calls, among others.

Advertising: Brands might promote utilizing announcements close, or in, exorbitant interest land squares to advance their items, administrations, and occasions. A few areas might become virtual variants of noticeable areas for publicists in view of exorbitant interest of clients. Moreover, brands may feature items, benefits and make shared encounters to draw in with their crowd.

The travel industry: Virtual Tourism is something that has a solid future. At the point when specialists across the globe can occupy their minds on Lepasa stage. It brings prospects in any event, for school understudies and scientists to visit Lepasa for getting the hang of, preparing and experience.


Lepasa offers LEPA tokens as their collectibles. These NFTs are stored as ERC-721 token on Ethereum blockchain and can be integrated into other blockchain projects. Lepasa’s value proposition to NFT holders is that they can fully capitalise on the economic interactions.

About the airdrop

Lepasa is airdropping 200 NFTs worth $60,000 to 200 winners. Here’s how to participate:

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