Looks Rare Airdrop: Claim your Looks


• As a feature of LooksRare’s underlying launch, it is circulating 120,000,000 LOOKS tokens (12% of complete stockpile) to the NFT people group.

• Anybody with a joined 3 ETH exchanging volume or more on Opensea north of a six-month time span is qualified to guarantee LOOKS.

About Looks

LOOKS is an ERC-20 token, at present just on the Ethereum blockchain.

Ether, all the more ordinarily known as ETH, is the local money of the Ethereum blockchain. ETH is utilized for things, for example, paying for the exchange charges on Ethereum to boost excavators.

WETH is Wrapped Ether. WETH is an ERC-20 viable variant of ETH. 1 ETH will forever be identical to 1 WETH. ETH all alone can’t be pre-supported (no endorsement) for offering on things. That is the reason it should be wrapped.

LooksRare upholds both WETH and ETH. Nonetheless, you’re not ready to utilize ETH wherever on the site for the reasons referenced previously. Some site capacities are very mind boggling and require WETH to have the option to make the association.

You can utilize ETH on the accompanying elements:

•  Purchasing a NFT at a proper cost. It will wrap the ether to WETH prior to leading exchanges to particular locations (e.g., vender, sovereignty expense beneficiary, convention charge beneficiary).

You can utilize WETH on the accompanying elements:

•  Purchasing a NFT at a proper cost.

• Making a proposal on an NFT.

• Making a proposal on a whole assortment.

Regarding the Airdrop

To guarantee the assigned airdrop, a qualified client should first effectively list any ERC-721 or ERC-1155 NFT on the LooksRare trade.

LOOKS Token agreement address is: 0xf4d2888d29d722226fafa5d9b24f9164c092421e

The most effective method to guarantee Looks!

• Interface your wallet to the site.

• Click the button in the flag at the highest point of the page, to check whether you’re qualified for the airdrop.

•  Assuming you’re qualified, you’ll see a message welcoming you to list an NFT.

• Head to your record, view your things, and show at least one of your NFTs available to be purchased.

• When you effectively list your thing, you can guarantee your LOOKS through the flag on the landing page!

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