Method Man’s limited-edition NFT collection is here!


Method Man kicks back into the industry with latest music and an all new NFT collection.

On Friday, Clifford Smith, popularly known by his stage name Method Man came up with his new single “New Old School”. As the name suggests, the track is inspired with new-school lyrics consisting of an old-school beat.

Along with this new music track, Method Man also released a new NFT collection introducing the first five characters from the Tical Universe.

Method Man drops his own NFT collection

 On Thursday, Method Man dropped his very first Tical Universe NFT (Non- Fungible Token) comic. The characters on Flow and this NFT Collection will be minted on Flow. With partnership of TuneGo and Dapper Labs, which advertises itself as “the next-generation blockchain designed for consumer applications.”

What CEO of TuneGo has to say

John Kohl, the CEO of Tune Go said in a statement “This Genesis NFT drop signifies the dawn of the Tical Universe and the birth of the original Tical Universe characters. Collectors who purchase these original NFTs will own a piece of history.”

Method Man’s limited edition NFT is  the first five Tical Universe comic characters. This features the artwork from New York artists Alex Smetsky and Aleks Sinyuts. Fans, NFT enthusiasts and NFT collectors can be a part in the NFT drop at All the digital assets for the Tical Universe NFTs will be stored and guarded in the TuneGO Vault on Flow.

Words by the President of TuneGo

Alison Ball, the president of TuneGo in a statement said – “Imagine owning the original sketches of iconic characters like Batman and Joker, Wolverine and Magneto, or R2D2 and Darth Vader.” 

While it has been more than an year since Method Man released his last single, “Boom PPL Anthem” in August 2020. He has released several collaborative tracks in collaboration in 2021 nut not much solo singles. Most recently he dropped “The Last 2 Minutes” featuring Iron Mic in October. This on-minute song was released after Method Man’s September single “Tag Em In” along with his fellow artist ChiChi.

“As an award-winning artist and critically acclaimed actor, Method Man has consistently embraced change and innovation to strengthen his bond with fans and engagement with new audiences. We are proud to work with Method Man to secure and protect his creative rights and distribute his music and art, and introduce cutting-edge NFT strategies on Flow for the future of the metaverse,” Alison Ball said on collaborating with Method Man.

About TuneGo

TuneGo is simplifying music and content rights management. It also helps in creating, collaborating , licensing and promoting it on a single combined digital platform. Moreover, it offers streaming, licensing and promotional services to artists which helps in taking their music to a global level.

TuneGo has become popular as it offers artists, labels and publishers the capability to securely manage their digital content. Moreover, it has created a platform to distribute and manage their music, making sure the royalties are paid well. 

About Tical Universe

Tical World will be an interactive comic community. It would be providing the audience an opportunity to be creative, interact with others, purchase NFT collection rights and much more.

The Tical universe stories will be told with the help of music, art, comic etc that will be introduced to the general public in the form of NFTs

About Flow

Flow is a next generation blockchain which is considered to be fast, decentralized and user friendly.

Flow allows developers to build successful crypto related businesses. Applications on Flow helps to create new types of digital assets which are tradable on open markets.

Flow ecosystem includes global brands such as Warner music, Ubisoft, NBA, UFC and many others such as Circle and Binance.

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