Oly Sport Airdrop: The world’s first blockchain metaverse horse racing game


  • It is an online horse racing game platform using non-fungible tokens (NFTs).
  • It is airdropping 151,379 NFTs to 1000 winners worth $50,000.

What is Oly Sport?

Oly Sport is a game worked for individuals. It visions to bring together the world through our metaverse. It plans to construct a solid local area of individuals from each nation, identity, religion, and monetary standing. The F2P and P2E ongoing interaction permits anybody to partake in the game, paying little heed to how much cash or time they can contribute.

In-game jobs are not restricted to purchasing and dashing ponies like different games. All parts of horse racing are available in the game, from cultivating ginseng and spices, to take care of the ponies, to promoting for a circuit in the metaverse, are generally jobs that should be filled by players. We have made a whole biological system that is driven by the consolidated endeavours of everybody in the game.

The need for resource care, be it pony, land, or racecourse, leads to the chance of in-game business. The capacity to procure pay through the game is only one of the manners in which we have planned Oly Sport to help the world.

What makes Oly Sport unique?

• By claiming virtual pony ranches and racecourses, you own a resource that give you a pay and whose worth is ensured by certifiable land. The worth of in-game land is relied upon to increase in value after some time as it mirrors the pattern of this present reality land worth of the land it’s connected to. This is the force of synergizing NFT with reality. In case the in-game symbolic value drops, this present reality land esteem actually can possibly rise. If both go up, that implies twofold the acquiring potential!

• From the start, Oly Sport was worked as an eSport. That implies the actual game has a truly steady design, is amazingly agreeable, and has the life span of the genuine horse-racing sport.

• A thoroughbred pony, all things considered, can cost you millions. Oly Sport permits horse proprietorship for a small amount of this present reality cost without eliminating the obligation and potential for pleasure, making horse possession available to a lot bigger segment.

• Oly Sport doesn’t permit betting, guaranteeing overall openness and adequacy.

• Oly Sport gives straightforward data, clear instruments, and expanded acquiring potential.


About the Airdrop

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