ORARE Airdrop: Traverse Foodverse


  • OneRare is world’s first food metaverse game aka Foodverse with ORARE as its unique currency.
  • OneRare is airdropping 1000 NFT to 1000 winners worth $50,000.

What is OneRare?

OneRare is the world’s first Metaverse for Food, or better put, Foodverse. OneRare is building the primary tokenization layer with ORARE as its unique currency. It will observe Food in Web3 – making a vivid and gamified experience for clients around the world. It envisions to make a special gaming experience for Foodies. Meanwhile making another advertising channel for the worldwide Food and Beverage Industry.

Draw in Gamers with the straightforwardness of Food:

Creating the following influx of Blockchain reception with simple Gameplay, that requests to men and ladies, new gamers and Old-timers.

Make Global Reach for F&B Industry:

Bringing Celebrity Chefs, Restaurants, well known Cooking Shows and Food Brands to Web3 crowds interestingly through NFTs – giving them a worldwide stage to connect with and adapt.

Food Partner for Web3 Projects:

Curating a Food experience for Web3 projects that has unique menus for Game characters. Additionally it will have innovative F&B catering for Web3 occasions and gatherings.

Rejuvenate NFTs:

Application of NFTs, in actuality, permitting clients to trade OneRare NFTs for suppers and arrangements in Restaurants around the world.

Activity Against Hunger:

Work towards the reason for wiping out World Hunger by joining forces with the F&B business and Web3 ventures to raise reserves and mindfulness.

OneRare’s Foodverse:

OneRare characterises a special Foodverse, isolated more than four regions to participate in different food exercises. Players can investigate the metaverse effortlessly on account of our streamlined interactivity and food topic. They can also find ways of playing, acquire, gather and fight.

THE FARM, where Farmers develop Ingredient crops

FARMER’S MARKET, where Farmers offer their ready produce to Collectors

KITCHEN, where Collectors can understand Recipes and join fixings to mint Dishes

PLAYGROUND, where proprietors of Ingredients and Dishes can fight in Games

What is ORARE Token?

The local currency of the OneRare foodverse is ORARE, with different utilities inside our game biological system. Token holders can play, contribute and furthermore be essential for the game in different ways:

1. Exchanges at the Farmer’s Market All business exchanges at the market will be worked with by the ORARE token. Players can purchase and sell Ingredients and Dishes at the market utilizing ORARE.

2. Interactivity at the Playground Players can utilize ORARE tokens to partake in different games at the Playground. Also, utilizing it to participate in challenges, or upgrade their interactivity like purchasing sponsor cards.

3. In-Game Upgrades our symbolic will likewise consider In-game updates that assist players with speeding up their ongoing interaction. For instance – paying ORARE to diminish the cultivating season of yields.

4. Take part in Governance. The holders of ORARE tokens will likewise hold uncommon forces in administration, and be involved on-chain and off-chain.


ORARE has a fixed supply of 100 million tokens, allocated as follows:

About ORARE Airdrop and How to Participate:

OneRare is airdropping ORARE token worth $50000 available to 1000 winners.

Complete 7 simple steps to participate in the OneRare First Harvest Airdrop:

1 Add OneRare (ORARE) to your CMC Watchlist

2 Follow OneRare NFT on Twitter

5 Join OneRare on Telegram

6 Follow OneRare on Instagram

7 Join the Discord

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