Pando Airdrop: Revolutionising Rewards Culture


  • PANDO is structured to allow its users to experience maximum financial benefits with transparency and the privacy protection.
  • It is airdropping 1,730,000 PANDO to 2000 winners.

What is PANDO?

This project expects to accomplish web straightforwardness, furnish clients with accommodation and openness while remunerating them for their commitments and thusly, will involve different undertakings, beginning from internet browser and courier. As task advances, the reinforcement of a straightforward and safe web environment will be set up, trailed by Blockchain-based World and Market model, which will be all the more undeniable financial action-based assistance stages. The organization means to exhaust into administration regions where monetary remuneration is corresponding to the web clients’ commitments and to through accomplishing this vision, we wish to resolve existing issues in the web.

PANDO Ecosystem

The ecosystem includes both the browser and the messenger. Currently, both browser and messenger are focused accommodating Windows desktop and Android users.


Users will actually want to make their own wallets in a program upheld for Pando Coin and Ethereum, experience DApps and welcome others to help their runtime mining rewards. An ERC-20 based coin is upheld for Pando environment and can be utilized for all monetary exercises. It tends to be obtained through program programming mining and means to initiate the blockchain environment through trading with other significant tokens and to construct framework that can be utilized for truly financial exercises.

It is interoperable with D-Applications in light of Ethereum and is intended to be interoperable with other significant tokens by making a commercial center for utilization and trade of digital forms of money through the Pando World’s DApp Ecosystem. Clients mine it as indicated by their program utilization and utilize the tokens in the program, courier and DApp biological system which will bring down the section hindrance to the blockchain economy.

About the Airdrop

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