PearDAO Airdrop: Trade, earn and meet people in the new decentralized marketplace


  • PearDAO (PEX) aims to complement the CEX and DEX-driven cryptocurrency ecosystem.
  • PearDAO is airdropping 1000 NFTs to 1000 winners in its upcoming airdrop campaign.

What is PearDAO?

PEAR is a decentralized internet based commercial centre. We want to give an open, free, decentralized commercial centre that works with the trading of products and worth utilizing a decentralized instalment framework (digital currencies), a decentralized commercial centre (PEAR organization) and a decentralized Moderator (PEAR DAO).

Peardao (PEX) expects to supplement the CEX and DEX-driven digital money environment by empowering the trading of significant worth between on-chain, off-chain and cross-chain biological systems, similar as the thing we are seeing in unified web-based business commercial centre like eBay and amazon. Exchanges on the Pear commercial centre are executed through shrewd contract(s), worked with by scrambled visit devices. Record as a consumer is public and straightforward to all and mediation is done through a decentralized question the executives framework.

Pear tries to turn into the main open commercial centre. Our commercial centre will ultimately be viable with a business exchange, instalment strategy, and chain rationalist. We are a decentralized independent association (DAO) where individuals can settle on choices to set guidelines for their optimal commercial centre. PEX’s vision is to turn out to be important for the framework for the Web3 biological system.


Later on, some portion of the expense created by Pear commercial centre will be locked under depository to give support to PEX token’s worth. PEAR DAO may likewise utilize expense produced by the commercial centre and other component related activities to give liquidity and locked them endlessly to give liquidity to PEX token. PEX token will be made to keep up with the administration of the PEX DAO. Holders of the PEX token will actually want to set guidelines and make changes to the Pear decentralized commercial centre by surveying and casting a ballot system.

About the airdrop

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