PlayerMon Airdrop: Make your space in the NFT Metaverse


  • PlayerMon Airdrop consists of 500 NFT tokens for 500 winners who participate in the airdrop.
  • Playermon is a limitless Play to Earn Game where anybody can investigate and fight in the universe with their beloved space buddies called Playermons.
  • Players can colonize planets, procure assets, and fight different players with their Playermons.

What is PlayerMon?

Playermon was conceptualized to turn into driving the social creative metaverse, a play-to-earn NFT game in the blockchain business – a game available to everybody, with low passage costs, and gives players, makers and financial backers with the capacity to produce pay dependent on their innovativeness and “playformance”. This is a turn-based card gameplay system. All players need to form a team of Playermon. Each team consists of three Playermons.  We intend to enable the Playermon people group makers, players, and financial backers. The vital distinction among Playermon and other conventional games is its coordination of the blockchain monetary plan to compensate the players for their commitments to the ecosystem.

•             Completing missions to acquire rewards;

•             Competing in various game modes to procure rewards;

•             Upgrading and reproducing pets;

•             Selling and renting NFT resources in the commercial centre;

•             Collecting uncommon Playermons on planets;

•             Farming jewels required for in-game exercises;

•             Staking the administration token on Planet Pools; and

•             Building space pilgrim base with embellishing resources planned by the local area.

•             Launch small scale games in playermon planet

•             Social interface with another player

PYM Token. What’s in for you in the PlayerMon Airdrop?

Governance and DEFI token: $PYM

Name: Playermon Token

Symbol: $PYM

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 (1 billion)


•  Token holders will actually want to shape and decide in favour of the heading of the game universe.

In-Game Payment Method:

•  Players can buy eggs or Playermons in the commercial centre

•  They can overhaul and raise their Playermons

•  Buy things to make new things, and to fabricate and update their space frontier base.

•  They can join the open-world planet to investigate prisons

•  Token holders can grow their space frontier base with local area assembled improving game resources for future planet development.

•  Creators can mint their initially planned game resources in the commercial centre in future extension.

•  Initially planned game resources in the commercial centre can be listed.

DeFi Component

• Token holders will actually want to stake the token to procure compensations later on planet development.

Playermon X Polygon

Playermon will launch on Polygon ecosystem. The Polygon (MATIC) token is accessible on most well-known centralized and decentralized exchanges (DEXs), these incorporate Bitmart, Coinbase, and Binance. Polygon known as the Matic Network and is getting more famous due to its scaling arrangement that means to give different devices to work on the speed and lessen the expense and intricacies of exchanges on blockchain networks.

About the PlayerMon Airdrop:

The total amount of the airdrop will be 500 NFTs starting November 14th. To take part in Playermon Metaverse NFT airdrop, here is a step-by-step guide.

Contract Address: 0x0bd49815ea8e2682220bcb41524c0dd10ba71d41

1 – Join PlayerMon official global telegram channel.

2 – Follow PlayerMon official twitter page.

3 – Subscribe PlayerMon official YouTube channel.

4 – Follow PlayerMon official Facebook Page.

5 – Like and Retweet the pin tweet on PlayerMon official twitter page.

6 – Add PlayerMon to your watch list on CMC.

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