The Sandbox Airdrop: Play. Create. Own. Govern. Earn.


  • The Sandbox team is building a unique virtual world where players can build, own, and monetize their gaming experiences using SAND, the main utility token of the platform.
  • The Sandbox is airdropping a total amount 10 SAND to 10 winners.

What is the SANDBOX?

The Sandbox is a virtual existence where players can construct, own, and adapt their gaming encounters in the Ethereum blockchain utilizing SAND, the stage’s utility token. Its vision is to offer a profoundly vivid metaverse in which players will make virtual universes and games cooperatively and without central authority. It is intending to change the current game producers like Minecraft and Roblox by giving makers genuine responsibility for manifestations as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and compensating their interest with our utility token – SAND.

With The Sandbox, the aim is to beat these constraints while speeding up blockchain reception to become the blockchain gaming market. It will be done by building a voxel gaming stage where makers can create, play, offer, gather, and exchange without focal control, getting a charge out of secure copyright possession with the capacity to procure digital money (SAND). This copyright proprietorship will be set up and ensured using NFTs, where each in-game thing will have a special and permanent blockchain identifier.

What is SAND and what is it used for?

SAND is a fundamental piece of The Sandbox stage and it is dealing with setting up key mechanics that makes it naturally attached to The Sandbox stage and its worth. SAND is an ERC-20 utility token based on the Ethereum blockchain that fills in as the reason for exchanges inside The Sandbox, and has the accompanying employments:

● Access The Sandbox stage: Players spend SAND to mess around, purchase hardware, or tweak their Avatar character. Makers spend SAND to procure ASSETS, LANDS, and through Staking. LAND Sales drive interest for SAND to buy LANDS. Craftsmen spend SAND to transfer ASSETS to the Marketplace and purchase Gems for characterizing Rarity and Scarcity.

● Governance: SAND is an administration token that permits holders to take an interest in Governance choices of the stage, utilizing a DAO structure. They can practice casting a ballot right on key components, for example, Foundation award attributions to content and game makers and element prioritization on the stage Roadmap. SAND proprietors can cast a ballot themselves or agent casting a ballot right to different players of their choice.

 ● Staking: SAND takes into account marking, which considers uninvolved incomes on LANDS: you get more SAND by marking it. This is likewise the best way to get important Gems and Catalysts, required for ASSET creation

● Fee Capture model = 5% of all exchange volume did in SAND tokens (Transaction Fees) will be designated with half to the Staking Pool as remunerations for token holders that Stake SAND tokens and half to the ”Foundation.”


SAND is the utility token used throughout The Sandbox ecosystem as the basis of transactions and interactions. It is an ERC-20 utility token built on the Ethereum blockchain.

It will be used across the ecosystem by gamers, developers, and publishers, allowing Creators and Players to exchange ASSETS and Games and build a user-based platform of rewards while developing an ecosystem where Creators and Players will share various truly unique gaming experiences.

About the Airdrop and How to participate?

The SANDBOX is airdropping 10 SAND Alpha passes to 10 winners. 1 SANDBOX Alpha Pass is worth $13,000. Here’s a guide on how to participate in the airdrop:

1 – Create a The Sandbox Account:

2 – Follow the Sandbox

On Medium:

On Twitter:

3 – Join the Sandbox

On Discord:

On Telegram:

4 – Submit your “ERC-20” wallet address that is connected to your Sandbox account.

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