Step Hero Airdrop: The one stop-shop for P2E gamers


  • Step Hero is airdropping 70,000 Hero tokens to 700 winners
  • Step Hero promotes the mass adoption of blockchain in general and the expansion of the Binance Smart Chain and the Polygon network’s ecosystems in particular.

We have further discussed the Step Hero Airdrop.

What is Step Hero?

Step Hero is the comprehensive NFT ecosystem including Step Hero – the worthwhile dream themed RPG game on BSC and Polygon, high liquidity NFT Marketplace, A-list collectibles, and Step Hero community. The ecosystem is the ideal blend of NFT gaming and DeFi, empowering users to have some good times and procure benefit all the while.

It envisions to present to you the most novelistic gaming experience and the most rewarding acquiring openings while advancing the development of the BSC and Polygon environments and the mass reception of blockchain applications.

Step Hero biological system’s Unique Selling Points:

  • Earning elite collectibles made with the most refined visual computerization that is important in the commercial centres.
  • We present to you the most novelistic gaming experience with a NFT dream themed RPG game with captivating ongoing interaction and storyline.
  • A cross-chain NFT commercial centre outfitted with predominant elements, for example, NFT sales and associate projects where you can procure in more than one way.

What makes Step Hero unique?

Step Hero Collectibles incorporate different uncommon and one of a kind NFT collectible things addressing characters on Step Hero RPG. The collectibles are made with the most complex visual communication by elite game creators. You can bring them into your assortments, sell them in the commercial centre, or even adapt from making important fine arts from them. The more uncommon and more extraordinary the things you have, the more productive it is on the lookout.

HERO: Include Common to Rare legends. These things can be reclaimed with the Reward Points created from Heroes Farming.

HERO LP: Include Super Rare and Legendary heroes. These things can be reclaimed with remuneration Points created from Heroes LP Farming as it were.

Later on, Users can utilize Hero collectibles to battle for their position in Hero positioning. The thing with a specific position can get $HERO as the award, and the prizes of each rank decline from high to low.


  • Name: HERO token
  • Symbol: HERO
  • Network: BSC & Polygon
  • Decimals: 18
  • Total supply: 100,000,000 HERO

The primary utilities of the HERO token are:

  • HERO Farming: HERO tokens are used for farming Points that users can use for NFT redemption. See more: Hero Farming mechanisms.
  • In the future, Step Hero Ecosystem will update with more use cases for the HERO token.

About the Airdrop:

Contract Address: 0xE8176d414560cFE1Bf82Fd73B986823B89E4F545

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