Suku Airdrop: Future of supply chain today


  • Suku is a block-chain-based supply chain ecosystem that visions to make supply chain more transparent, efficient and accessible.
  • $1M+ USD Airdrop of exclusive Suku NFTs by Infinite World on participation with 3500 winners.

What’s Suku?

Suku with its intention to facilitate supply chain through a block-chain-based ecosystem offers supply chain as its service platform that connects enterprises and consumers. The supply chain world is complex and highly functional with products being sourced almost every day. Hence, Suku articulates the power of blockchain to uniquely utilize it to bring in innovation in the supply chain world. It visions to enhance supply chains across industries and globe, to solve complex issues such as fragmented supply chains and increase of fraudulent products in the global markets. It uses an on demand, open software distribution model, which consists of application and services that are used by Suku Trading Partners and a formulated by Suku Technology partners.

The Suku Ecosystem:

The ecosystem comprises of four elements to ease out supply chain management namely Suku Platform, Suku Token, Trading partners and Technology partners.

Suku Platform: The platform tracks products and data with transparency across supply chain with an end-to-end product tracking enhancement. The simplified buy/sell model enables participants across geographies to interact. The profile management software furthermore enables users to have control over sharing the whereabouts and details regarding the company.

Suku Token: The ecosystem uses ERC20-compatible token called Suku token which is used by both trading partners and technology partners of the Suku ecosystem. The token can be used on the Suku platform for the following purposes. Voting opportunities for the token holders in decisions regarding core competency of Suku. Suku Tokens reward users, for example, after onboarding onto the Suku Platform the user receives Token rewards to seed their wallet which can be used on the Suku Platform for interaction.

Trading Partners: Trading partners which include suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and retailers uses the capabilities and benefits of Suku Platform to interact with each other. Enhanced tracking and tracing of goods is possible through the platform.

Technology Platform: Technology partners and developers receive incentive upon building application and tools for assisting Suku core layer. These incentives are received in phases upon completion of milestones set. They also receive transaction fess paid by Trading partners and other users of the platform. Moreover, they charge fee for the use of application they create. Mostly the users are Trading partners.

What is Infinite World?

Infinite world is a metaverse where brands and creators communicate to enhance consumer experience in art NFT world and marketplace. The carbon negative NFT plays the role to build exclusive digital and physical goods to facilitate communities, creators and brands. It uses the technology of blockchain to build a world for smooth sailing of consumer demands. Infinite Digital is a digital platform by Suku that facilitates buying and selling of NFTs with a strong focus on digital sneakers, simultaneously authenticating the ownership of physical sneaker in the real world.


Contract: 0x0763fdCCF1aE541A5961815C0872A8c5Bc6DE4d7

There is a maximum supply of 1,500,000,000 SUKU with 119,149,903.00 SUKU in circulation. It is airdropping a total amount of 3500 NFTs with 3500 winners a total of $10,000 worth ETH.

About the Airdrop

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