TRE Airdrop: Roadway to Turtle Finance’s governance


  • TRE is the Turtle Finance platform governance token which will be used for community voting and revenue acceleration after the Turtle DAO governance function is launched.
  • Turtle finance is airdropping 100000 TRE to 2000 winners in the 25000 TRE USD AIRDROP.

What is Turtle Finance?

Turtle finance is a decentralised trading strategy platform which assists financial strategists, both, amateurs and professional strategists to earn more profits. The experienced strategists get profits from uploading their strategies while the amateurs get access to these strategies through which they can earn profits on different DEX exchanges.

What is TRE Token?

TRE Token is a platform governance token. It will give voting rights to holders and accelerate revenue once the Turtle DAO Governance function is launched. The initial price for IDO is 0.15 USD with total number of tokens being 100 million. It is available on BSC and HECO chain, further is going to be available on Polygon and Solana. As a governance token it will play an imperative role in corporate governance, also will provide rewards to stake TRE.

How does Turtle Finance work?

Turtle’s goal is to become a one stop platform to carry out investment strategies. It also is a platform to support and assist strategists to share their strategies who do not have the ability to develop blockchain to implement their strategies. Strategists and traders are connected through the platform. The strategies uploaded are verified by the Turtle Finance team and it undergoes various verification process before being uploaded. The project allows investment arbitrage among different DEXs plus mining.

TRE’s in circulation

Contract address: 0x060399058ecd346d721AFc9FA93875E2c79cE97d

Total TRE Token in circulation is 100 million. The airdrop will consist of 0.89% of the lot. 60% will be for mining rewards, 1% for IDO, 3% for advisors who will make significant contribution to the project. 10% will be for accident risk and other uses. During the first five period in a linear manner it will unlock the other 10%.

How does Turtle Finance guarantee asset security?

Turtle finance’s contract was certified by Certik. It is a leading security-focused ranking platform to analyse and monitor Blockchain protocols and DeFi projects. Certik automatically audits all the contract. The team do not have access to your assets.

About the Airdrop and How to participate

1 Add Turtle Finance to your CoinMarketCap watchlist:

2 – Follow Turtle Finance Twitter account:

3 – Follow Turtle Finance Medium page:

4 – Join the official Turtle Finance telegram group:

5 – Retweet the Turtle Finance x CoinMarketCap Airdrop tweet pinned on Turtle’s page and tag at least 3 of your followers.

6. Join the discord:

7. It will announce list of winners on the official Twitter and official Medium within 7 days after the end of the campaign.

8. Turtle Finance reserves the right to discontinue the offering in the event of force majeure or unforeseen disabling occurrences to the detriment of the TRE token.

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