Unbound Airdrop: Earn NFTs in the form of super heroes


  • Unbound.Finance is airdropping 2000 NFTs to 2000 winners. Participants can win up to 1 NFT
  • Unbound SuperHero NFTs are ultra-rare Unbound NFTs which are curated and designed in the form of Super Heros.

What is Unbound.Finance?

Unbound is a decentralized cross-chain liquidity convention that is building the subordinate layer of Automated Market Makers (AMM). The aim of Unbound is to construct items that are both local and composable to the DeFi environment. These incorporate

• Synthetic Assets including a Stablecoin (UND), uETH, and so forth

• AMM pools that are cross gotten from different AMMs

• Oracle Price Feeds dependent on unrestricted economies and way autonomous worth disclosure.

• Building monetary instruments for intensifying yields and edge exchanges

Unbound convention is building an administration layer over the current AMMs by securing LPT to mint manufactured resources that further supports liquidity in AMMs and Defi, opening liquidity from existing AMM Liquidity Pools. The underlying arrangement of items Unbound has been worked to incorporate decentralized, cross-chain stablecoin called UND.

Unbound has made a vigorous design that doesn’t need a Liquidation Engine. A blend of security proportion, hazard the executives through chose stablecoin-ERC20 LPT sets, and SAFU store guarantees an emotionally supportive network that is significantly stronger than conventional crypto resources under comparative conditions. This is an enormous shift from the current loaning scene.

What makes Unbound unique?

Unbound is a DeFi stage that makes a depository layer on top of existing AMM stages by utilizing liquidity pools of Automated Market Makers. Unbound gives crypto clients the very first obligation free liquidity arrangement framework.

Key features of Unbound convention are as per the following:

• Debt – free: Borrowed reserves are sans interest making a no obligation position for clients.

• Liquidation – free: Unbound doesn’t have a liquidation Engine. As such clients are liberated from the danger of their insurance being exchanged.

• Perpetual acquiring: Unbound advances don’t develop. Clients can open the basic guarantee whenever by reimbursing the advance.

• Stablecoin UND: UND is a cross-chain stablecoin, delicate fixed to the US dollar which shouldn’t be balanced out.

• Factory Smart Contracts: Unbound utilizations Liquidity Lock contracts intended to be permissionless and upholds EVM based AMMs like Uniswap, Balancer, Mooniswap, DFYN, SushiSwap and so on Backing for Non-EVM based AMMs will be dispatched soon.

• Minting cross chain engineered resources: Unbound will utilize prophets and local scaffolds to perform cross chain moves of UND and other manufactured resources.

• Secured Price Oracles: Unbound utilizations a mix of Uniswap’s TWAP and Chainlink to get profoundly tied down value feed giving security to the stage against streak assaults and furthermore lessens reliance on a solitary value prophet.

About the Airdrop:

Unbound.Finance is airdropping 2000 NFTs in the form of Superheroes to a total of 2000 winners. You can sell these NFTs in the open market and the longer you hold these NFTs, with Unbound TVL ramping up, the more value could be gained by these NFTs.

To Participate:

Step 1: Follow Unbound Twitter: https://twitter.com/unboundfinance

Step 2. Follow Unbound CEO Twitter: https://twitter.com/tmjaswani

Step 3. Retweet Pinned Tweet: https://twitter.com/unboundfinance/status/1437990974723006470?s=20

Step 4: Join Unbound Telegram: https://t.me/unboundfinance

Step 5: Join Unbound Telegram Announcement Channel: https://t.me/UnboundAnnouncements

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