Wicrypt Airdrop: Share Wi-Fi and earn money


  • Wicrypt will be airdropping 100 NFTs worth $100,000 to 100 winners.
  • Wicrypt is a global decentralized mobile internet sharing and monetization network.

What is Wicrypt?

Wicrypt is a decentralized versatile web sharing and adaptation organization. Itis a virtual Internet Service Provider that enables clients to control their own portable web information. An ISP skeptic and area rationalist. The Wicrypt convention is a convention that empowers start to finish encryption of client information, charges the client for the measure of information devoured and credits the host. The convention additionally makes a decentralized stockpiling network utilizing switches as micronodes.

The Wicrypt network is a decentralized organization of switches (miniature hubs) and associated customers (cell phones, workstations, PCs, Smart TVs, Smart Watches and IoTs). The switches are controlled by the custom Wicrypt firmware. The organization isn’t constrained by any focal power. Any client or host can procure an upheld switch (miniature hub) and introduce the wicrypt firmware. The client can utilize this gadget to make a WiFi zone inside the reach covered by the gadget and anybody with a Wi-Fi empowered gadget can interface and approach the web. The wicrypt firmware expands these routers(micro-hubs) by expanding their capacity limit and henceforth empowering them to go about as capacity in the decentralized stockpiling network fuelled by Filecoin.

What us $WNT token?

The Wicrypt network is controlled by a local token called Wicrypt Network Token($WNT). The tokens are utilized to boost clients (WiFi Hosts) to make and oversee WiFi zones that empower individuals to approach the web and furthermore empowers IoT gadgets to associate flawlessly. $WNT is likewise used to pay expenses to WiFi has for giving routers(micro-hubs) for capacity purposes. $WNT is additionally used to remunerate WiFi associated customers for utilizing the WiFi.

Token Distribution

  • $WNT has a decent stockpile and the prize for setting up WiFi zones is diminished as more individuals make WiFi zones on the Wicrypt Network. This gives the underlying $WNT holders for esteem as shortage of $WNT works over the long haul. The prize conveyance and shortage computation are totally taken care of by an award savvy contract with manageable boundaries.
  • The Wi-Fi hosts can set up Wi-Fi zones or partake in the decentralized stockpiling network at their favoured occasions. They are boosted by the organization to keep awake through network charges paid by clients on the organization and $WNT rewards.
  • Wi-Fi has stake $WNT to become equipped for the pre-disapproved of $WNT rewards dispersed to Wi-Fi has when they share Wi-Fi with their switches. To guarantee great client experience for associated customers, the Wi-Fi hosts should have a base measure of switch up-time each day. If this base edge isn’t met, they lose part of their amassed $WNT rewards.

About the airdrop

Wicrypt will be airdropping 100 NFTs worth $100,000 to 100 winners. There is a physical Wicrypt device backing each NFT. This means that each winner will receive a physical device as well as the NFT.

How to redeem the NFTs and your physical Wicrypt device

 1 – Visit the Wicrypt website

2 – Connect your metamask wallet and ensure your selected network is Polygon network

3 – Select the address you submitted on CMC on your metamask

4 – Select Lynx device and click on mint

5 – Fill in your shipping address

 6. From January 22, devices will be shipped to winners.

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