In terms of active users, Polygon Network surpasses Ethereum.

According to a recent study report by Polygonscan, the Polygon blockchain network has seen a substantial rise of 18 percent in the previous month, with new additions of over 566,500 users. In terms of user-base, the network has now overtaken the popular Ethereum blockchain network. After Bitcoin, Ethereum is the world’s second most valuable blockchain. This is the first time that the Polygon network’s user population has surpassed that of Ethereum, which has only had a 0.6 percent rise in recent days.

Ethereum is a public blockchain network that allows users to transmit bitcoin to anybody for a small charge. The network supports a number of apps that are open to everybody and cannot be shut down by anybody. This programmable blockchain enables users to conduct digital currency transactions without the use of banks or brokers. According to, it also acts as a marketplace for financial services, games, and apps that are not censored.

The Polygon network, on the other hand, is a development platform for blockchain networks that may be connected to the Ethereum network.

Full-fledged multi-chain solutions that function in sync with other Ethereum interfaces may be constructed using the Polygon blockchain. According to, the network improves security while addressing concerns with blockchains, including sluggish speeds and expensive transaction costs.

Despite considerable market turbulence induced by China’s crypto crackdown, Polygon’s native coin has been performing well in recent days. Polygon (MATIC) is currently trading at $1.36, up 3.59 percent from the previous day (roughly Rs. 102). Investors see Polygon as a secure and dependable crypto-investment choice, according to research by

It’s worth noting, though, that the Polygon network isn’t quite as “safe” as it should be. The Polygon network, for example, was attacked in August, with the perpetrators allegedly stealing $600 million (approximately Rs. 60 crores) in crypto assets.

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