India Ranks #2 In World Crypto Adoption

Private bitcoin holdings are thought to be owned by 15 million Indians, according to estimates. From $923 million in April 2020 to approximately $6.6 billion by May 2021, cryptocurrency investments in the United States grew from $9.

Indian flag with cryptocurrency

In terms of cryptocurrency acceptance, Asian countries are surpassing the rest of the world. According to a recent study by market research firm Finder, Asia has the top five countries in terms of bitcoin ownership.

The majority of them were previously thought to be unimportant in the bitcoin sector, but a recent study contradicts this.

Vietnam had the greatest percentage of cryptocurrency ownership in Asia, at 40%, followed by Indonesia, India, Malaysia, and the Philippines, in that order. Thirty percent of those interviewed in Indonesia and India said they owned cryptocurrencies.

According to media sources, India also came in second place in a poll of countries that use cryptocurrencies the most, with 9% of respondents claiming to have used cryptocurrency.

Meanwhile, with 8% and 9%, respectively, the United States and the United Kingdom had the lowest proportion of cryptocurrency owners.

When it comes to bitcoin adoption, one pattern that has been consistent around the world is that younger people are leading the drive.

According to Finders, young individuals between the ages of 18 and 34 account for more than 40% of all users worldwide.

Below is the pdf file from Finders stats and analysis.

According to studies, the global adoption of the cryptocurrency market increased by over 880 percent between June 2020 and June 2021, with over 15 million crypto users in India.

Recently, WazirX CEO Nischal Shetty said that,

Digital coin adoption to explode in small-town India – NIschal Shetty

Supporting which, Mr. Nischal tweets everyday on how crypto is growing day-by-day within the country and worldwide.

More than 1.5 crore Indians own crypto assets worth over Rs 1,500 crore, making it the most important asset class of the twenty-first century.

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