Integrate Blockchains With The Bifrost Airdrop!

Bifrost Airdrop

What is Bifrost?

Bifrost is the world’s first blockchain middleware that enables multi chain technology. Blockchain middleware refers to a program which facilitates the integration of several blockchains. This allows many functions and protocols to run simultaneously. Bifrost has proved to be a great technology to integrate blockchains and perform the best functions of each blockchain at the same time.

Bifrost airdrop
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This project is supported majorly by South Korean investments. Other countries such as the United States of America and China serve as alternative sources of investments and base of operations.

All the key executives of the project are from South Korea.

Bifrost investors
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What do you need to know about the airdrop?

The community or the Bifrost network has decided to airdrop 5,000 BNC coins. The airdrop prize pool will be distributed to 1,000 lucky winners.

There is intense competition for the airdrop since there are already 102,416 participants. The higher participation is seen due to the efficiency of the coin and the network. The users have realized that the Bifrost network provides a new era of blockchain.

The participants must perform certain tasks to be eligible for this airdrop. These tasks will be divided into two parts. Participants can either choose to do simple tasks or the complex tasks according to the amount of Bifrost coins they desire to win.

The simple tasks include promoting the network’s official social media handles. Further, they need to submit their polkadot wallet addresses on a link provided by the network. The rewards will be credited to the respective wallets, if they win.

The complex tasks include minting and staking Kusama tokens. For each Kusama token minted, the users will be eligible to receive 22 Bifrost tokens. The eligible users can earn extra 5.5% tokens for every successful referral. The maximum airdrop amount will not exceed 3,000,000 tokens.

The airdrop has been ongoing since July 5, 2021 and it will end on July 15, 2021. The winners will be decided and rewarded on July 18, 2021 that is three days after the end of the event.

What are the benefits of this airdrop?

This airdrop will be very beneficial to those who win. Bifrost is the first ever network to integrate other blockchains. It is indeed the future of blockchains and protocols. The user can customize the blockchains as per their requirements. These customized blockchains will perform the functions coded by the users themselves.

Users can also switch blockchains using this network without writing any other codes. Thereby, users can switch to advanced blockchains in the future. In addition to that, they can integrate several blockchains into a single one to improve efficiency.

The creators have also said that “With Bifrost, we are building the most transparent, flexible, and comprehensive DeFi platform. Save, lend, invest with Ether, USDT- and even Bitcoin.”

The winners of the airdrop will be early members of one of the most innovative networks in the Blockchain technology history.

Investors are recommended to take part in this airdrop for the benefits mentioned above.

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