Introducing a 13-Year-Old Who Made $7M Worth Defi Money Manager On Ethereum

Gajesh Naik who built a Defi protocol on the Ethereum blockchain reportedly made $7 Million in cryptos. He’s just 13 but professional.

When we were 13, we used to play video games and doing homework. Isn’t it?
While we were busy doing clichés, Gajesh took it to next level making a Defi protocol on his own and named it PolyGaj.
Sounds cool!

The 13-year-old came into the limelight just after Vice president of India’s fastest-rising crypto firm Polygon(Matic), “Arjun Kalsy” received a message on LinkedIn from “Gajesh”. He was looking for guidance on his new project.

“I was 100% sure this guy was a scammer. Like, no way. Really? 13 years old? He’s probably some big hairy dude.” Kalsy told decrypt.

Time flies and after a month and few massages on telegram, he arranged a face-to-face meeting on zoom with Gajesh.
Kalsy astonishingly replied, “Then, I saw, “Man, it’s actually a 13-year-old kid.”

It created a wave on Twitter after people get to know that he’s only 13.

Gajesh is a tech-geek from age 10. He participated in GSID, Goa 2018 and showcased his skills in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. Businessman and politician “Rohan Khuante” met Gajesh and tweeted.

He also has a youtube channel where he uploads explanatory videos about cryptos and blockchains. Impressed by The 13-year-old, Famous crypto investor “Balaji Srinivasan” gave him a shout out on his Twitter handle.

While many praised Gajesh, some criticised him for his poor blockchain management allowing a single administrator to take control over the entire network.

But it doesn’t bother Gajesh as he always thrives on innovations and rectification. He tweeted his plan for 3-4 years of the bear market and explained it pointwise.

So who is this 13-year-old techie?

Gajesh Naik is a 13-year-old boy. He is, however, the creator of PolyGaj, a Defi system based on the Polygon blockchain. PolyGaj currently has roughly $1 million in cryptocurrencies under management. That sum was roughly $7 million late last month after billionaire Mark Cuban invested in Polygon.

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