Is this a good moment to switch from Altcoin to Bitcoin?

How can you hope to make the proper choice with so many different currencies available to buy? In fact, in the crypto-exchange market, there is no appropriate or inappropriate choice as it relies on the objectives and areas of application.

We seem to have a new cryptocurrency emerge on the market every day that might perhaps transform the landscape of our currency. You can save stress and time by learning how to invest your money the right way.

You may be able to make educated decisions and limit your investment risk by arming yourself with information.

The craze of cryptocurrencies impacted its members of the community, without any promise of a settlement soon. 

Bitcoin, after it hit an ATH in April, it fell by more than 40 percent. By its appearance, however, these dark foreboding clouds can at least for the time being have settled. The same was underlined by the Santiment online analytical platform.

In short, “Bitcoin whales aren’t slowing down their accumulation of BTC, and the uptrend of tokens held by these addresses holding 1,000+ BTC continues. This is a strong bode of confidence for bulls, seeing top key stakeholders are increasing their bags.”

Taking this development into account, is it now time to replace your altcoins with Bitcoin?

Michaël van de Poppe, a prominent crypto analyst, and trader addressed these suspicions in a recent YouTube video. The Netherlands trader has highlighted the main altcoins to recognize the issue.


The biggest altcoin in the world at the time of the press traded under only $2,433. Some adjustments had taken place after the spike of around 1.88 percent. However, optimistic feelings continue, as the next tweet that reads underlines,

In view of the graph, the area between 0.65 and 0.68 supports what you wish to see. If this is not acceptable, the following areas of support will be sketched.


With the Dutch merchant Michaël van de Poppe, there’s no exception: the fifth-biggest coin is without question one of the best-known coins by many experts. Although the ADA has fallen somewhat in the last 24 hours, approximately 1.98 percent.


There has been a substantial price increase on the market’s 13th biggest coin. In 24 hours, it traded about 171.20 dollars, with an amplitude of 1.9%

Poppe makes it perfectly clear by saying :

“If Bitcoin remains flat for a while, altcoins are gonna bounce back up again. BUT, if it breaks above the $40k level, in the later stage or maybe next month, one shouldn’t be targeting the altcoins probably because they’ll be crashing down, compared to the equivalent BTC pairs.”

Poppe’s final verdict on should the altcoins be swapped with bitcoin?, “I don’t think so.”

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