Jack Dorsey Blocked By Venture Capitalist Andreessen After He Mocked Web3 With Musk

Marc Andreessen, a venture investor, banned Jack Dorsey on Twitter yesterday after the latter used his platform to criticise venture money as a whole, including particular barbs at Andreessen Horowitz.

The ban comes after a series of tweets by Dorsey over the course of several days about Web3, a decentralised version of the internet built on blockchain technology. Web3 will be “owned” by affluent venture capitalists like Andreessen, not “the people,” according to Dorsey.

Mark Andreessen one of the Co-founder of a16z blocked Dorsey on Twitter after the web3 spat dorsey ignited along with Musk.

On Monday, he tweeted, “You don’t own ‘web3,'” he said. “It’s the VCs and their LPs who do it.” Their motivations will never let them down. It’s a centralised entity with a different label at the end of the day. You should be aware of what you’re putting yourself into.”

He followed up on Tuesday with the tweet, “The VCs are the problem, not the people.”

Last month, Dorsey stepped down as Twitter’s CEO to focus on his digital payments startup Square, which was recently rebranded Block. According to Dorsey, there is “nothing more essential to work on in my lifetime” than bitcoin.

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, started the feud by playfully asking his almost 70 million Twitter followers where he might locate Web3.

“Has anyone seen web3? I can’t find it,” he stated

Dorsey answered by implying that it was already in the hands of Andreessen Horowitz.

“It’s somewhere between a and z,” Dorsey replied, in regard to a16z, as Andreessen Horowitz is renowned.

A16Z A Renowned VC Firm

A16Z, founded by entrepreneurs Ben Horowitz and Marc Andreessen, co-founder of Netscape, is one of the world’s most successful and important venture firms. After making early investments in successful firms such as Coinbase, Oculus, Slack, Roblox, and Airbnb, it saw huge profits. Horowitz, Chris Dixon, and a recently departed partner, Katie Haun, oversee the firm’s investments in blockchain, crypto, and Web3 apps.

According to Fortune, Web3, or Web 3.0, is shorthand for what many Silicon Valley executives anticipate will be “the next generation of the internet.” “We now live in a Web 2.0 environment that is app-based and simple to use. However, trillion-dollar firms like Apple, Facebook, Amazon, and Google now govern our online lives in Web 2.0.”

Marc Andreessen is described on the Andreessen Horowitz website as saying that while his firm doesn’t have all the answers, it’s “ready to collaborate with politicians, civic society, and other partners to create an affirmative vision for how to use these powerful new tools to serve society.”

Dorsey stirred the pot one more just before the block. “I’m anti-centralized, VC-owned, single point of failure, and corporate controlled lies,” Dorsey tweeted Wednesday. “If your goal is anti establishment, I promise you it isn’t Ethereum.”

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