Junior Shiba, A Decentralised Disruptive Crypto Currency To Be Launched Soon!

Junior Shiba is a totally decentralised cryptocurrency that is entirely controlled by its vibrant and creative community. Junior Shiba is a meme-based cryptocurrency with a variety of features such as NFTs, Games, earning crypto while playing, trading, and a Metaverse presence. Both ERC20 (Uniswap) and BEP20 are being used to launch the junior Shiba coin (Pancake Swap). The community is available to anyone and encourages individuals to contribute their unique perspectives in order to create the finest Junior Shiba platform possible.

The symbol for the token is $JRSHIB. There is a usage reward of 3% and a total supply of 1 quadrillion coins. The owner of the crypto can play games, be present in the metaverse, and pay using Junior Shiba.

The first meme-coin, which was founded in 2013, was initially considered as an amusing joke, but its popularity has evolved into a cryptocurrency with a market capital of $32.54 billion dollars. It is a meme coin, which is a cryptocurrency tied to popular jokes, snarky comments, and puns on social media. The success of Dogecoin in 2021 led the creation and release of a slew of imitative meme coins on the market. There are currently 124 meme coins in circulation, according to Coinmarketcap.

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Junior Shiba is a meme coin similar to others on the market, with no intrinsic value or specified application, but the potential to make a lot of money in a short period of time. Junior Shiba may not be affected by whales because there is a 10% tax, which can cause the price value to jump unexpectedly. The popularity of these cryptocurrencies, as well as their performance, is strongly related to their popularity on social media, community support, and influencer hype.

Because it will be integrated on the Metaverse advertisement platform, the Junior Shiba crypto token can be earned while playing Junior Shiba Games/metaverse.

According to the spokesman, “Floki-themed cryptocurrencies are the one-of-a-kind dog-meme coins named ‘Floki’ after Elon Musk tweeted his Japanese Shiba Inu dog’s name. Flokifrunk, Shiba Floki, Floki Shiba, Flokinomics, Floki Inu, and Baby Floki Inu have all been created since then. Shiba Inu was launched in 2020 as a “self-proclaimed Dogecoin killer.” Its goal is to build a Doge-like cryptocurrency built on Ethereum.”

On Uniswap and Pancakeswap, as well as other exchanges, the Junior Shiba token will be available. Junior Shiba invites more partners to join the community in providing additional methods to purchase the new decentralised money.

Both the Ethereum and Binance blockchains support the Junior Shiba token.


  • 1 quadrillion
  • 20% Initial burn.
  • 40% on Uniswap/Pancake swap Listing
  • 10% Liquidity Courtesy Allocation
  • 5% Marketing Wallet:: Will be locked after launch.
  • 5% Development:: Will be locked after launch.
  • 20% Games and Metaverse Rewards :: Will be locked after launch.
  • BSC and ETH liquidity locked. Link will be provided at the time of launch


  • 3% Holders – Reward distribution.
  • 7% to Operations
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