JustBet: Where Everyone Is A ‘WINR’!



  • The JustBet platform is a decentralized online gambling platform.
  • It has partnered up with CoinMarketCap to conduct an airdrop of its licensed tokens.
  • The platform has decided to airdrop 5,000,000 tokens worth $7865 according to the current market value.

What is JustBet?

As the name suggests, JustBet is the first-ever fully decentralized and autonomous gambling platform. This platform enables players to gamble or bet on gaming operations. The gambling software has no human intervention and the payouts, if any, cannot be tampered with at any point of time. Owing to the elimination of human intervention, the platform becomes a safe and secure gambling software and users are assured of the certainty of payouts on winning.

The catchphrase of the platform reflects its digital licensed coin, WINR. Their catchphrase is, “Where everyone’s a WINR.”

The platform follows a systematic protocol in order to ensure smooth functioning of operations and payments. The platform, in addition to gambling services, also offers staking and mining options. The players can mine the WINR token using an algorithm and use those tokens to bet on gaming.

Moreover, they can stake their existing tokens and earn additional rewards in the form of WINR tokens. The players who stake their coins are also eligible for the in-game airdrops.

The platform offers a bonus ‘lottery’ service on special occasions. The members who receive airdrop tokens can use those tokens to take part in the lottery system for a chance to earn special rewards. Thus, the platform performs the functions of an online casino.

Source: Altcoin Talks- Cryptocurrency Forum

How do JustBet airdrops work?

The platform airdrops about 80% of their daily revenues to their members and consistent customers. Out of this 80%, 64% of the revenue is distributed in the form of WINR coins to those who stake their coins in liquidity pools. The remaining 16% of the revenue is deposited into the lottery pool. Players who take part in the lottery stand a chance to win this pool if they get lucky in the lottery.

To be eligible for daily airdrops, the players must stake their WINR tokens on the JustBet platform. The payout ratio will be displayed on the platform before they confirm to stake their coins. This payout ratio will be determined on the basis of difficulty and complexity.

Source: Twitter

What are the details of the Airdrop?

If you cannot participate in the daily airdrops hosted by the platform, here’s your chance to earn WINR tokens through the once-in-a-while airdrop.

The JustBet platform has partnered with CoinMarketCap to conduct an airdrop. The platform has decided to employ airdrop so as to publicize its operations as well as encourage mass adoption of the WINR coin. The number of tokens to be airdropped is set at 5,000,000. According to the current market price of the WINR token, the prize pool amounts to $7,865. This airdrop will be an inexpensive way to advertise the network.

The demand for the airdrop seems to be going through the roof because as many as 100,000 people have registered for the airdrop on the first day itself. However, only 500 participants will be selected as the winners. This implies that each winner will be entitled to receive up to 10,000 WINR coins.

The JustBet platform will be solely responsible for selecting the winners. The winners will be announced by the platform on their twitter handle on August 22, 2021. The distribution of the winnings will be conducted on the same day itself.

source: twitter

How to participate in the Airdrop?

The JustBet platform has laid down some tasks for interested people to follow. These tasks must be completed in order to be eligible for the airdrop. These tasks include:

  • Add the WINR tokens to your CoinMarketCap watchlist.
  • Follow JustBet’s official twitter account.
  • Join the JustBet platform’s telegram community.
  • Retweet and comment on the tweet posted by the JustBet platform in partnership with CoinMarketCap.
justbet airdrop
Source: Twitter

What are the benefits of the airdrop?

The airdrop has benefits for both, the platform as well as the players. Here are some of the benefits:

  • The platform offers a secure opportunity for players to place bets on gaming operations.
  • Users are assured of safe payouts due to the non-intervention of humans.
  • WINR tokens can be used to stake on the platform in order to earn more rewards.
  • The airdropped tokens can also be used to place bets and multiply their winning by up to 5x or 10x the original value.
  • Moreover, players can enter the lottery system with the WINR tokens. These lottery services can offer outrageous returns to the players.
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