Konami Introduced Castlevania NFTs To commemorate The Series’ 35th Anniversary

Konami said on Thursday that it will offer its first batch of NFTs to commemorate Castlevania’s 35th anniversary. When the auction goes live, gamers will be able to purchase 14 distinct, one-of-a-kind artworks from the Monster Hunter series as part of the “Konami Memorial NFT collection.”

Konami is holding its forthcoming auction on the crypto marketplace OpenSea, which begins on January 12 at 5 p.m. EST. Some of the work for sale is one-of-a-kind, such as the Dracula’s Castle pixel map. Other NFTs offered for auction include snippets from different Castlevania games, including the original and Simon’s Quest. Some of these NFTs are mostly about the music, with some background gaming thrown in for good measure.

Others are whole highlight reels. On Konami’s auction page, you may get a complete list of the NFTs. People who buy a Konami NFT will be featured as the first purchaser of each artwork on the publisher’s website from February through at least December 31.

Konami’s website offers instructions on how to prepare for the auction. Such as setting up a cryptocurrency account, as well as a Q&A section. The session will answer some frequently asked topics such as “what is Blockchain?” and “what are NFTs?” Konami has stated that it will never sell these same NFTs again. It may offer extremely similar ones in the future.

Gamers Thrashed Konami For Down Grade Experience

Fans have responded negatively to the news on Twitter, with harsh comments strewn over the answers to a tweet about the announcement from gaming industry follower Nibel.

Another user posted a meme on the microblogging site related to Konami’s shift from fixing Bugs and upgrading gaming experience to being into NFTs.

Konami’s Ambitions

While Konami retains the rights to several famous gaming properties, it has dramatically delayed the development of new games in recent years. Konami CEO Hideki Hayakawa declared in 2015 that the company will change its attention to mobile games and produce fewer of the larger-scale home console titles that helped build the brand.

Konami’s ambitions, on the other hand, do not appear to be as grandiose. The Castlevania NFTs are primarily intended as collections, with no further utility or announced inclusion into any video games. In addition, unlike the crypto-native Bored Ape Yacht Club profile image collection, they do not provide buyers with any form of intellectual property or commercialization rights.

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