Kucoin Merges With Metaverse, Opens Virtual Home In Bloktopia


  • Cryptocurrency Exchange KuCoin Establishes a Virtual Office in the Metaverse.
  • A new virtual office has been established by the corporation.
  • For KuCoin’s metaverse environment, a native crypto-token has also been launched.

As a first, KuCoin, a Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange, has decided to investigate the developing Metaverse technology.

The platform has “merged” reality and virtual reality (VR) to debut its new “metaverse workplace” in “Bloktopia,” a magnificent virtual reality-based structure.

The 21st floor of a virtual skyscraper houses this workplace. People will be able to digitally converse with one another and interact with furniture and other decorations in this metaverse office.

The news comes just days after Facebook made a pro-metaverse move by rebranding itself as Meta.

The metaverse, which is powered by augmented reality (AR), can be regarded as the Internet’s future that could support a functional virtual universe. Crypto-coins are going to become the digital world’s currency.

KuCoin announced its arrival into the metaverse on Twitter, with a sneak peek at its virtual office decor.

“Visitors can engage in basic or advanced learning from some of the world-leading minds in the crypto industry — earn revenue, play games with friends, build networks, and much more. Think of Bloktopia as a shopping mall, where instead of just retail, each store has a different project, exchange, influencer, or crypto brand offering an immersive customer experience.”— KuCoin’s official statement clarified this.

KuCoin has identified “BLOK” as the native token of Bloktopia in order to fine-tune its metaverse adoption.

KuCoin also announced 8000 $BLOK giveaway and wrote steps to avail the rewards.


Bloktopia is a breathtaking virtual reality skyscraper with a fantastic user experience. It will create a unique VR universe for the crypto community, bringing people together in an engaging and enjoyable atmosphere.

In the virtual world, users can create custom Avatars to learn, earn, play, or create whatever they desire. Imagine users learning from some of the industry’s brightest brains, or simply having fun!

Bloktopia is a 21-story skyscraper built to commemorate the maximum number of Bitcoins that can be mined, which is 21 million. Token holders will be referred to as Bloktopians. It will be a focal point for crypto aficionados of all levels.

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