Lattice Exchange Offering Venue To Find Cryptocurrencies

Lattice Exchange is an automated market maker in the DeFi market. The company has recently launched a new product that will allow crypto entrepreneurs to place their tokens and allow users to participate in early projects in a better way. Lattice Launchpad is the name of the new platform and the team describes it as “a one-stop-shop for blockchain entrepreneurs”. They did it so that the community recognizes their project. All the users can easily participate in private sales by betting on LTX. It is the native cryptocurrency of Lattice Exchange.

All the native cryptocurrency holders will be having the amazing opportunity to take part in the governance of newly listed projects. All projects in the list are funded by Ether (ETH) or stablecoins Tether (USDT) and USD Coin (USDC). Later, Lattice Exchange announced soon it will be migrating to Constellation’s Hypergraph Network. They are planning to do so because this network provides lower fees and higher scalability potential. The company further said that accepted projects based on other networks will still be able to participate in Launchpad.

DeFi protocols have explosive growth potential and we have seen this in the past few months itself. They are one of the most funded projects in the cryptocurrency industry because of this. A lot of large DeFi projects have brought considerable returns to their early investors, and market participants have been constantly looking for the next undiscovered cryptocurrency. Also, platforms like Lattice Launchpad can prove to be of great help for retail investors. They will provide them with more opportunities to open projects. CoinMarketCap tracks that currently there are more than 11,200 cryptocurrencies. According to the latest industry data, the total market value of the DeFi industry revolves around $113.7 billion.

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