A Launchpad Airdrop Has Been Launched!


What is KCCPad?

KCCPad is the first major launch pad on the KCC platform. The launchpad is a part of the KuCoin community platform. The KuCoin platform is a major exchange gaining popularity recently. Its popularity will have a good impact on the adoption of the KCCPad. The KCCPad project is developed by the BlueZilla team. This team is responsible for developing other launch pads such as BSCPad, TronPad and they are soon launching an ETHPad. Thus, a launchpad airdrop has been launched!

launchpad airdrop
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What are launchpads?

Launchpads are networks which enable investors to buy into new cryptocurrency projects which have not been listed on any exchange. Major exchanges or other blockchain networks on launchpads to carry on this purpose of attracting early investors. Binance is one of the major exchanges to own a launchpad known as BinancePad or BSCPad.

launchpad airdrop
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What do you need to know about this airdrop?

The KCCPad has decided to airdrop 4.2 million KCC coins to 2,000 lucky winners. According to the current market price of the KCC coin, the total prize pool of the airdrop stands at roughly $168,000. This prize pool will be distributed to the winners in proportion to the number of tasks undertaken by the winners. There are no complex tasks. The interested participants need to follow and promote the network’s social media accounts. They also need to fill and send their wallet addresses on a form. If they win, the winnings will be credited to their respective wallets.

The winners will be announced on July 18, 2021 on the social media handles of the network itself.

What are the benefits of participating in this airdrop?

The benefits of participating in this airdrop are countless. KCCPad is an up-and-coming platform and coin which is highly undervalued. Moreover, KCC coin recently got listed on an exchange known as Pancakeswap, making it more liquid and more accessible to retail investors. The coin is likely to gain popularity on the completion of this airdrop and rise in value.

Moreover, the coin has many deflationary forces. KCCPad hosts regular trading events so as to reduce the supply of the coin. For every trade done, 1% of the trade value gets burned. 0.5% of the coin is destroyed while the other 0.5% is utilized as staking rewards. Thus, the supply of the coin is constantly reducing. In addition to this, the number of coins is already restricted to 1,000,000,000. Thereby, the value of the coin is bound to grow exponentially in the next decade.

Investors must not miss this opportunity and capitalize it fully!

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