Legends: The Premium NFT Mining Platform

NFTs have been one of the new concepts in the crypto space that have gathered the interest of media recently. Creators have the vast abilities to create their own NFTs and then sell them in different marketplaces. It has gathered the attention of a lot of celebrities, artists, and even big brands like Marvel. NFTs, in the last few months, have proven to be the most prominent and growing sector in the crypto and blockchain industry. A new era of digitization has been emerged because of different abilities that NFTs possess including that it is non-fungible and immutable. The idea behind the Legends platform is to provide an extensive NFT ecosystem to everyone along with celebrating the crypto digital art in many different ways.

Binance Smart Chain And The Premium NFTs On It

Since Legend is such an amazing and unique NFT protocol, it is thinking to expand its current crypto ecosystem by providing its users with some high-quality digital collectibles. All these NFT collectibles are to feature different as well as unique artwork that will be coming in a themed collection including icons, legendary characters, celebrities, musicians, and more. Besides, it is built on this very popular Binance chain network. It offers a scalable ecosystem and all the LEGENDS token holders and owners can collect their points so that they can redeem the NFTs they want for very low transaction fees.

There is a Legends Telegram Community where the quote “We are legends” has become very popular. Legends is a community-driven project. This means that all the crypto users can utilize the platform along with getting high-quality digital art. They can either sell these NFTs or auction them on the NFT marketplace supported by the Binance Smart Chain. NFTs are minted by the Legends brand and there are a lot of anonymous artists and collaborators behind this who work in collaboration to make sure that every NFT is a unique creation. They are all signed and minted by this brand. Apart from that, they have also minted several high-quality future-proof resolution 3-D artworks for the investors. They have original soundtracks where many artists are collaborating to stimulate further development of the Legends platform.

Legends have also partnered with a lot of brands for its growth. For example – they partnered with CumRocket – an adult-themed NFT. It is another fasted growing NFT protocol and it has even grabbed the attention of Elon Musk. Legends will be exclusively minting several NFTs just for CumRocket for their partnership. Also, they are planning to release a unique series of NFT collections – Dimensions. It consists of exclusive 8k resolution and 3D animated NFTs. They have original soundtracks that holders can listen to.

Ecosystem That Is Powered By Unique Ecosystem

LEGENDS is a native token for Legends. It is a deflationary and utility token that is specifically designed to provide value to all its holders. They can use these tokens to collect the points and then redeem the exclusive NFTs. The tokens can also be traded on PancakeSwap – another popular DEX platform. Legends will soon be launching an exclusive marketplace. This is done with the thing in mind that now anyone can easily sell, buy or swap NFTs. It will be powered by the LEGENDS token, the utility token for this marketplace.

Additionally, this cross-chain bridge will be allowing the NFT owners to transfer their collection across many different blockchains if they want to. Once they will launch it, they will be able to transfer from BSC to Ethereum. All of them are a part of the roadmap. They will be offering unique and real use cases and applications for the token.

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