Make That AOZ NFT Come alive! Take Back Their Own Soul

They feel that link has indeed been formed to both you and this specific PFP picture, or digital character, since the moment you minted the selected AOZ citizen NFT. It’s not less real because it’s electronic. This again appeals to you, and you suspect it hides a personality trait you recognize in yourself behind its vibrant surface.

You now have the opportunity to make their AOZ resident character come alive. On January 6th, 2022, Mirrorworld and Metaverz Studio (the company that designed and launched the AOZ project) announced a collaboration that would allow you to build a SOUL that their AOZ identity.
So whatever was the definition of such a soul?

A Soul is an artificial intelligence-powered conversation chip that makes the NFT extra interesting and conversational. To bring an existing NFT to life, any Soul NFT can be included. Soul NFT, in particular, has six layers of communication. In May 2021, Mirror World released the world’s first intelligent NFT.

What is the procedure for claiming a Soul?
On December 15, 2021, AOZ began public minting, achieving benchmarks of 1500 NFTs for public promissory notes. A free Mirror World Soul is available to all AOZ NFT holders.


For begin, go to the Mirror World website then pick “SOUL” from the drop-down menu. Then click the “Claim” button. Connect your MetaMask wallet and verify that it is running just on Mainnet. Next, in the MetaMask wallet, click the “Confirm” button to complete the Soul Claiming procedure. The gas charge for minting is the responsibility of the owners.

The Soul’s Infringing:

By clicking the “Tie now” option once you’ve claimed your Soul, you may bind it to your AOZ NFT. After the binding procedure is finished, you may communicate with your AOZ NFT, which is now intelligent. You can release your Soul and bind with anybody you choose if you have more than one AOZ NFT.


Keep an eye out for updates.

AOZ included a community formation capability in Q1 2022, allowing AOZ owners to create Citizenship equivalents. Holders will be able to find new ways to use their NFTs in Defi and gaming thanks to the establishment of shared leadership. A liquidity pool will be created with 5% of sales to help stabilize AOZ NFT pricing.
AOZ would debut the Metaverse of Decentropolis and AOZ gamefi in Q2 2022. Decentropolis is under siege by extraterrestrials, as well as all people should work together to defeat the invaders and restore the city. Users will use NFT avatars to explore the interactive metaverse and have a great singleplayer mode.


AOZ’s Background

Age of Z (AOZ) is a groundbreaking Photo For Profile initiative launched by Metaverz Studio which includes the Gen Z society’s values and ideals: inclusion, confidentiality, and personal choice. AOZ is made up of 1993 hand-drawn “Citizens,” each with its own unique set of future characteristics. Our residents are dedicated to creating a utopian world that is identity, independent, and peaceful, with interactive and cooperative ways to safeguard and promote privacy.
This AOZ multiverse is a cyberpunk and contemporary art community that is open and decentralized. Regarding Parallel Reality

Shadow Environment is a blockchain-based virtual world with artificial intelligence and other technologies. It uses integrated and independent economic systems to merge many games and experiences and provide players with access to a variety of gaming situations. Along with real-world users, there exist AI virtual entities capable of exerting their wills. In the Mirror World, users may converse with them and engage with them in social, gaming, and other contexts.

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