Mark-Cuban has invested in AI to produce ‘intelligent’ NFTs that can communicate.


  • Mark Cuban is one of several major investors in Alethea AI, a company that utilises artificial intelligence to make non-fiction textbooks interactive.
  • Alethea raised $16 million in a private and limited token sale recently.
  • Users may include AI animation, interactivity, and speech synthesis into NFTs with the help of the company.

Mark Cuban is among big shareholders in Alethea AI, a company that is developing “intelligent” non-fungible tokens with which users may communicate.

The business said on Wednesday that it had raised $16 million through a private and restricted token sale. Metapurse, Multicoin, Alameda, and Dapper Labs, the company behind NBA TopShot, are among the other investors in Alethea.

Users may include AI animation, speech synthesis, and interactivity into NFTs using Alethea.
On the top page of the firm’s website, the tagline says, “Give your NFT Superpowers.”

“While NFTs have continued to be exciting for collectors, Alethea AI has managed to uniquely combine AI Powered Avatars that are secured on-chain as NFTs,” Cuban stated.

“The result is not only fun and entertaining, but the foundation for a level of interactivity that is going to advance quickly using Alethea’s technologies.”

Alethea raised the money after selling its first “intelligent NFT” dubbed “Alice” for approximately $478,000 at Sotheby’s in June. Prior to the sale, the astute NFT appeared in a Sotheby’s Twitter live video, where she answered questions from fans in actual environments.

“iNFTs are intelligent, scalable, generative, interactive and have access to networked intelligence through Alethea’s protocol,” the company claimed.

“Alethea’s protocol gives creators around the world a mechanism to create interactive and intelligent NFTs, build communities and intellectual property around their favorite characters, and democratize access to powerful Synthetic Media tools.”

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