Mark Cuban shuts down Dogecoin critic on Twitter

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban shuts down Dogecoin critic, Preston Pysh on a Twitter spat. Let’s find out more about this.


Billionaire Mark Cuban has yet again argued with entrepreneur and podcaster Preston Pysh on Twitter over Dogecoin.

Pysh expressed his annoyance about the out-of-control cryptocurrency spam on Cuban’s Twitter feed. Pysh also accused Cuban of “pumping” Dogecoin in the past.

After the accusation, Cuban came to Twitter to defend himself. Cuban says that he believes that Dogecoin inflationary dynamics make it a better currency. Fellow Dogecoin enthusiast and entrepreneur Elon Musk also has the same views.

Support from Dogecoin’s creator

Shibetoshi Nakamoto or Billy Markus, the creator of Dogecoin came to Cuban’s defense. He said that it’s “annoying when keyboard warriors misrepresent people’s words”.

Pysh’s remarks

Pysh expressed his opinion of Dogecoin’s volatility. Consequently, the first memecoin is now down an astonishing figure of -80.24% from its peak in May.

However, at the token’s rescue, the Dallas Mavericks owner, pointed out the fact that Dogecoin has greatly outperformed Bitcoin over 2021, even with its fluctuations.

History of the bad blood

Surprisingly, this isn’t the first confrontation between Cuban and Pysh. They’ve had a heated debate back in October during a audio conversation on Twitter Spaces. Cuban famously assured that he will continue endorsing Dogecoin despite facing backlash from Bitcoin enthusiasts. He also assured that it is “fun” to be a member of the memecoin’s community.


Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban shuts down Dogecoin critic, Preston Pysh on a Twitter spat. It’s fun to watch intellectuals battling for intellectual superiority over an issue. Also, we get to learn many new things from their words.

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