Mars Ecosystem Airdrop: The Positive Externality Token


  • Mars Ecosystem Token 55,555 XMS to 3,000 winners in an airdrop.
  • The Mars Ecosystem is a new decentralised Stablecoin paradigm that solves the core challenge of Stablecoin Protocols (The Positive Externality Problem) by internalising the positive externality: it combines the development and consumption of stablecoin into a single ecosystem.

What is the Mars Ecosystem Token?

Positive externality is a major issue in most current stablecoin protocols. The system and its users bear the expense of manufacturing and maintaining stablecoins (minters, share holders, bond holders). The majority of the value is generated through stablecoin transactions within DeFi primitives, which are captured by these DeFi primitives.

The Mars Environment tackles this problem by combining the generation and use of stablecoins into a single, secure, yet decentralised ecosystem. A positive feedback loop and a flywheel effect are created by the link between Mars Stablecoin and the Mars DeFi platform.

Mars Ecosystem
Source: Bitcoinist

Mars Stablecoin

Mars Stablecoin (USDM) is a decentralised cryptocurrency that is price stable, capital efficient, and scalable. USDM’s redeemability is supported by the Mars Ecosystem Governance Token, making it an over-backed stablecoin (XMS). The market capitalization of XMS is always greater than the market capitalization of Mars Stablecoin, ensuring that the stablecoin can be redeemed 1:1 at any moment.

The governance token of Mars Ecosystem’s value capture scheme. The following are included in XMS:

  1. Mintage control mechanism: The mintage control mechanism assures that the circulating supply of USDM is at least 2.5 times the market value of XMS. If USDM has a market value of 100 million dollars, XMS should have a market value of at least 250 million dollars. If this isn’t the case, USDM’s circulating supply will never hit 100 million.The value of Mars Treasury control rights. Protocol governance votes allow XMS holders to vote on protocol upgrades within the Mars Treasury. The market capitalization of XMS will always be at least 2x the value of the assets housed within the Mars Vault to avoid a 51 percent attack on the protocol. If the market’s circulating supply of USDM is 100 million dollars, and Mars Treasury owns 100 million dollars in assets, then the market value of XMS must be at least 200 million dollars, or the Mars Treasury will be attacked.
  2. The transaction fees generated at the Mars DeFi protocols: Users will be charged transaction fees while trading using Mars DeFi protocols like Mars Swap and Mars StableSwap. Part of this is attributed to the liquidity provider, and part of it is attributed to the protocol itself. Through the buying and redistribution of XMS, the protocol also assigns these fees to XMS stakers.


  • Name: Mars Ecosystem Token
  • Ticker: XMS
  • Contract Address: 0x7859b01bbf675d67da8cd128a50d155cd881b576
  • Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)
  • Total Supply: 1 Billion
Mars Ecosystem
Source: Twitter


Mars Ecosystem Token 55,555 XMS to 3,000 winners.

  1.  Go to
  2. Search Mars Ecosystem Token
  3. Add Mars Ecosystem TOKEN – XMS to your CoinMarketCap watchlist:
  4.  Follow the Twitter account:
  5. Retweet the XMS Tokens Airdrop Event and tag 3 of your best friends.
  6. Join the telegram group & Announcement channel: &
  7. Follow Mars Ecosystem Medium:
  8. Follow our Reddit :
  9. Fill in the airdrop form and leave your BSC(BEP20) wallet address (CEX address are not acceptable). The form will be available on once the event starts.

Distribution of Rewards:

  • $ 50,000 in XMS tokens will be distributed by 3000 winners.
  • For those winners who get the rewards, you can come to to stake your XMS and earn more rewards, currently APR up to 1000%+ , don´t miss it!
  • In 3 days after the event is over, 3000 users will be selected from all users who have completed the tasks for reward distribution.
  • The winners will be announced on Mars Ecosystem official Twitter on 23 October, 2021.

All winners have to go to Mars Ecosystem’s main page ( ) to claim the reward during 24 October -30 November.

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