Marvel And DC Comics To Enter The NFT Marketplace

Batman and Superman publisher DC Comics along with Marvel are the latest brands that have started to explore the innumerable possibilities of blockchain-based digital artwork. Marvel has recently confirmed that it is partnering with VeVe – run by Orbis Blockchain Technologies Limited so that they can provide their fans with an NFT digital collectibles collection. This will include 3D statues, digital collectibles, digital comic books, and more. The craze for NFTs these days has no signs of dwindling. It has gained significant popularity over the last few months. Several internet properties have been put up there for sale.

Now, even the world’s biggest comic companies are talking about providing potential buyers with more options. This will be starting in the next few coming months. A lot of both Marvel and DC fans will be able to purchase their choice of Marvel and DC-related collectibles. However, they have not yet revealed all the specific products. Further details will be announced in a few weeks.

Another exciting thing Marvel revealed is that with the help of the VeVe app, fans will not just be able to purchase these NFTs but they will also be able to trade and hunt for rare collectibles. They will soon introduce customizable virtual showrooms to display all the digital collections. According to Dan Buckley, the president of the Marvel Entertainment Industry, collecting always comes together with a Marvel fan. VeVe understands that collecting is not just about the product but also about the experience that comes with it. They are looking forward to extending this experience for their fans over the years.

These digital files come with a unique identifier that makes them unable to completely copy. In simple words, they are not interchangeable. They are one of a kind and mostly come in a limited batch. This creates a great scarcity of digital artifacts which is the reason why they are so valuable for collectors. Several things such as art, GIFs, YouTube videos, sports memorabilia, etc have become a part of this growing crypto market. While comics were already a part of NFTs, this is the first time when the major comic companies have started to place NFTs up for sale.

The senior vice president at DC Comics, Jay Kogan, penned down in his letter to freelancers that DC Comics is exploring all the new opportunities and the ways through which they can enter the NFT market. Superheroes such as Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, all are world-famous. He has talked about how these cryptographically unique tokens are taking over the crypto market. They are becoming the newest and most exciting fan collectibles thus generating a lot of press and buzz. Further, he also said that along with the sale of original rendered art for DC Comics, they will also create a new art specifically for the NFT marketplace. The companies are identifying and examining all the challenges of the NFT marketplace. They will start working on a fair and relevant solution for all the parties that will be in this project.

However, half of this letter is dedicated to the matters of copyright. This is because both Batman and Wonder Woman-centric NFTs have already been put up for sale. Along with DC, a lot of Marvel artists also started selling NFTs on last month, without Marvel’s permission. While NFT selling is a great way to grab a lot of money, copyright and authenticity have already become the major issue for artists and IP owners. It is not going away anytime soon.

NFTs are new but this is not an entirely unexplored section in it. Comics are digitally available to everyone for so long. A lot of fans already have these digital comic collections with them along with their physical counterparts. Collecting these artworks saves space and it is a different transition. Moving from physical collectibles to the era of virtual reality seems to be the way through which DC Comics and Marvel are entering the NFT market. They both are bringing the next big thing to the realm of NFTs. 

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