Mass Reddit Users Going To Buy $30 BTC To Celebrate El Salvador’s Bitcoin Legal Tender

To commemorate El Salvador’s decision to make a bitcoin legal tender, A mass of Brazilian Reddit users are preparing to buy $30 worth of bitcoin.

On this day in history, bitcoin will become legal tender in at least one country. Due to El Salvador’s upcoming adoption of Bitcoin as the world’s reserve currency.

El Salvador’s inhabitants will be able to obtain a free $30 in bitcoin using the government’s Chivo wallet software to get them started. It’s meant to encourage El Salvadorians to get off 0 and start utilising the world’s toughest currency in their everyday life.

Users on Twitter and Reddit have launched a social media effort to boost the price of bitcoin (BTC) in order to aid El Salvador’s plans to promote bitcoin adoption.

To commemorate bitcoin becoming a recognised legal tender in El Salvador, the movement is encouraging consumers to acquire fractions of BTC for as little as $30 on September 7th.

A number of Bitcoin ATMs have already been installed in the country, allowing citizens to convert the cryptocurrency into US dollars using a government-issued digital wallet.

The campaign has aroused a lot of interest and excitement among Bitcoiners all over the world who are looking forward to taking part in this event.

Bitcoiners are known for being quick to initiate and pick up trends, so it came as no surprise to see a massive Reddit post of Bitcoiners from all around the world arranging the time on September 7th when they’d all buy their $30 in BTC to commemorate this historic feat.

Reddit image
The Reddit thread

People spread the word across many other social media channels, particularly Twitter, where even heavy hitters like MicroStrategy’s CEO, Michael Saylor, utilised his large platform to ask people “Will you join us?” in buying $30 in Bitcoin tomorrow.

The message received thousands of likes, retweets, and hundreds of comments from those who were going to attend the event.

As a result, BTC is slated to become legal tender as of tomorrow, and Bitcoiners from all over the world are preparing to greet the people of El Salvador with open arms.

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