Mayor Eric Adams: “I’m Going To Take My First Three Paychecks In Bitcoin”

The mayor of New York City, Eric Adams, is unfazed by bitcoin’s volatility. He claims that purchasing the drop might result in “a big return”. Adams reiterated that his first three paychecks will be in bitcoin. He also intends to make New York City the epicentre of blockchain technology.

Eric Adams, the newly-elected mayor of New York City and a self-proclaimed bitcoin bull, has once again shown his support for the principal cryptocurrency. He believes that the current price decline may present some possibilities for investors, and he reiterated his prior position that he will get his first three paychecks in BTC.

Despite recent price drops, it’s safe to assume that Incoming York City’s new mayor hasn’t altered his mind on Bitcoin. Adams sounded unfazed by the negative events in an interview with CNBC, even suggesting that investors may profit by buying in specific assets when they face comparable dips.

“I’m going to accept bitcoin for my first three paychecks.” My first check has yet to arrive.”

“I believe we need to use the technology of blockchain, Bitcoin, and all other forms of technology,” he said of his crypto intentions. I want New York City to be the epicentre of that technology, so I’m excited about my first bitcoin payday.”

Other NY Mayors Supporting Bitcoin

The price of BTC has dropped more than 13% in the last seven days at the time of writing. According to data from Markets, it is currently $41,364.

Mayors Francis Suarez of Miami, Florida; Scott Conger of Jackson, Tennessee; and Jane Castor of Tampa, Florida have all stated that they want to be paid in bitcoin.

Last year, Miami Mayor Carlos Suarez stated that he would like to get his whole salary in bitcoin. He was just elected president of the United States Conference of Mayors.

Since taking office, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio has been debating with Suarez over who can transform their respective fiefdoms become the country’s crypto capitals.

Mayor Suarez’s innovative cryptocurrency efforts are already drawing top talent. Startups, venture capital companies, and cryptocurrency exchanges have been moving or expanding their businesses in the city.

In February, Suarez said that Miami will accept bitcoin as a means of payment for taxes and that employees will be able to get their salary in bitcoin.

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