Mayoral Candidate Curtis Sliwa Promises To Make NYC “The Most Crypto Friendly”

In the United States, the digital currency ecosystem is becoming a hot topic in political elections, indicating the industry’s eventual emergence as a significant financial innovation.

Sliwa Curtis, a Mayoral Candidate for New York City, revealed his objectives if elected, including making the city the most cryptocurrency-friendly in the country.

Curtis said he would establish arrangements for taxes, fines, and fees in the state to be paid in Bitcoin as part of his proposals. “We’ll create more cryptocurrency ATMs and provide incentives for businesses to accept cryptocurrency.

In a tweet, he wrote, “We must modernise our economy and make it accessible to ALL!” During the mess that surrounding the $1 Trillion Infrastructure Bill, cryptocurrency-savvy Americans voiced their support for the digital currency ecosystem.

Many people were aware of how engrafted cryptocurrencies have grown in the country as a result of the broader sector speaking out against the bill’s unrealistic provisions.

Other candidates agree with Curtis’ commitment to institutionalise cryptocurrency in the world’s financial capital.

Here are some tweets by people considering Curtis “The New Mayor”

Another user said that “His crypto agenda is more specific than Eric Adam”.

Earlier this year that Andrew Yang, the Democratic candidate for Mayor of New York City, had similar goals to convert the city into a crypto and Bitcoin hotspot.

The success of these initiatives will be mainly determined by how open the New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) is to digital currencies under Adrienne Harris, a former senior consultant at Brunswick Group’s public-relations business.

She has been chosen to run the organisation. If either of these candidates wins, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin might thrive in New York under their policies. Startups’ ability to obtain licences to run the services will be improved.

Mayor Francis Suarez of Miami is leading the charge to make Miami one of the most crypto-friendly cities in the country.

Texas is also known for being a crypto hotspot. If any of these mayoral candidates wins, we may see New York join the ranks of other major cities in the coming years.

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