“Meme Necromancy While You Wait,” Elon Musk Added To His Twitter Bio.

On sunday, Elon Musk changed his twitter bio replacing the older one stating something strange about memes.

Twitter holds lots of surprises every day. And the most active tech giant in the Twitter community never misses a chance to make everyone confuse.

On this Sunday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk changed his Twitter bio to “Meme necromancy while you wait, ” which sounds a bit weird.

Necromancy generally means the practice of black magic or something sorcery to resurrect the dead again. The meaning of whole sentence is to get back old memes(or specifically the dead memes) into life again.

Elon Musk’s official Twitter handle

While everyone speculating the hidden signal within the bio, Twitteratis are ahead in the race.

A savage tweet.

The confused one.

While every other person is trying to decode the statement, some came up with the logic that Musk wants to pump his favourite coin again.

Meanwhile, in between all the haze, #dogecoinarmy is trending on Twitter with people joining the hashtag more and more.

With more than 7800+ tweets, it’s trending on the top of Business and finance category.

In the time of writing this article, Doge coin’s value is fluctuating around 0.18 cents. May be everyone will get to see a spike soon.

Development of software Michi Lumin, a fundamental developer for the cryptocurrency Dogecoin, joked about having to tweet cryptic and ambiguous messages in the hopes that they will be interpreted as coded, profound, and secretive.

Then people on the website tried to interpret Musk’s message.

The most significant answer was provided by Baby Dogecoin’s official handle, a cryptocurrency designed for saving canines. The handle of the baby Dogecoin was carried by a HEX to ASCII converter and the outcome was “ASCII.” Baby DogeCoin wrote, “Haha True,” sharing a screenshot.

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