Microsoft Looking To Operate On Ethereum Blockchain To Prevent Piracy


According to a new white paper produced by Microsoft, the company is trying to leverage the ethereum blockchain to tackle digital piracy.

The business is testing a new anti-piracy system called Argus, which it calls the “first public anti-piracy system.”

Microsoft outlined the new system’s design, implementation, and evaluation over 11 pages.

Satya nadela
CEO Microsoft, Satya Nadela

According to a new study produced by Microsoft’s research department, the company is trying to leverage the ethereum blockchain to combat digital piracy by relying on the network’s transparent and decentralised structure.

Microsoft, based in Redmond, is testing a new concrete system called Argus, which it describes as the “first public anti-piracy system.”

Microsoft outlined the design, implementation, and evaluation of the new system in an 11-page document co-authored by researchers from Alibaba, a Chinese e-commerce juggernaut, and Carnegie Mellon University.

According to Microsoft, Argus would function on a public blockchain, allowing digital piracy informants to remain anonymous while retaining a level of transparency for the general public.

Reports filed with Argus, for example, will preserve the informants’ identities while allowing the company to trace down the source of pirated content.

Every transaction is recorded when it is authenticated on a blockchain, which is a type of public ledger.

Furthermore, the cost of piracy reporting will be “reduced to the equivalent cost of sending around 14 ETH-transfer transactions,” according to the business, in contrast to the generally high transaction fees associated with ethereum.

“With the security and practicality of Argus, we hope real-world antipiracy campaigns will be truly effective by shifting to a fully transparent incentive mechanism,” – As PrInted on paper

Microsoft’s recent move shows the challenges that technology companies confront in securing their intellectual property.

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