Mike Tyson is ‘All in’ on Solana Crypto

Mike Tyson says that he is ‘All in’ on Solana Crypto. Let us find out what the boxing legend has in mind.


Former World Heavyweight Champion and legendary Boxer Mike Tyson is indulging himself in Cryptocurrencies lately. He has been a pop culture icon for quite a while and has had quite a presence among young and mature boxing fans alike. Tyson has a significant audience in the Twitter platform where he tweets about his life and his plans.

Recently, Mike in a tweet said that he is ‘all in’ on the Crypto token Solana (SOL). Now, Tyson asked his Twitter followers that how high the value of the Solana crypto might go. He asked in a tweet that “How high do you think Sol will go?”

As with all of Tyson’s post, this post gained a lot of popularity. The post had close to 8k likes at the time of writing. Also, the post had close to 2.5k comments, however, the post lacked any significant analysis on Solana.

Before this post, Tyson asked his followers, whether Solana will be coming to OpenSea or not. He tweeted “Do you think Sol is coming to OpenSea?”

Tyson’s NFTs

Tyson is arguably one of the greatest Heavyweights in the recent times. His aggressive and intimidating style has given him a huge fan following. Tyson in collaboration with artist Cory Van Lew has his own NFT collection on OpenSea.  “The Mike Tyson NFT Collection is a limited-edition series of NFTs that celebrates the iconic life and legacy of the Baddest Man on the Planet, Mike Tyson,” says the description of the collection. This NFT collection was launched in August of last year.

Tyson has recently tweeted about NFTs this week. The tweet said that “Ever since I got into NFTs I have been looking for crypto partnerships and DREAM really stood out. It’s the first of its kind that can only be traded during US stock market hours. Could revolutionize the space and help the mental health of the crypto community.”

Tyson’s Crypto preference

Last year, Tyson asked his audience to choose between the crypto King Bitcoin and Ethereum. He asked that “Which do you prefer, BTC or ETH?”

After this tweet, in September, Tyson in another tweet asked his followers their preference about two famous Crypto tokens, Solana and Ethereum. The tweet simply said “Solana or Ethereum?”


Solana at the time of writing this article sat at 7th position in terms of market Cap. The Cryptocurrency had a market cap of $44.6 Billion. Also, the value of one Solana Token is $142.65.


Mike Tyson says that he is ‘All in’ on Solana Crypto. Now the Solana community has a really strong and powerful member, a member who’s known for his impeccable boxing style.

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