Mojo Energy Drink Launched Limited Edition Dogecoin-themed Can

With the slightest of twist to its consumers, Mojo Energy drink launched limited edition dogecoin-themed energy drink-can on Monday.

Partnering with The Dogecoin-Millionaire “Glauber Contessoto” the can contains the illustrative images of both the shiba-inu and of Contessoto.

This isn’t the first time Dogecoin promoted on a brand product, previously on July, The male grooming brand, Axe, introduced a Dogecoin-themed and “crypto-aromatic,” body spray, which was owned by the firm.

The body spray with the picture of the cartoon Shiba Inu was only offered in limited quantities, and sold out quickly in the United States.

The limited edition dogecoin-themed body spray named “The Dogecan” was given away to 1,000 lucky Americans. The body spray was released by Axe, a Unilever subsidiary that specialises in male grooming goods.

The Doge millionaire also re-tweeted the tweet regarding the collaboration.


Mojo v2 is a Binance smart chain token that is one of the first crypto projects to work in collaboration with a real manufacturer to produce energy drinks.

Mojo v2 is a loyalty token with discounts, consumer benefits, project decisions, and BNB rewards for holders.

According to its white paper, the company uses its 5% profit from merchandise and drink sales to purchase back the mojo token and burn it immediately to boost the token’s overall liquidity.

On tthe time of writing this article, One Dogecoin value is approx 0.20 USD after the crypto market crash.

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