Moma Protocol IDO And IEO Kicking Off Soon In A Bid To Bring Long- Tail Asset Liquidity To DeFi

A lot of DeFi experts and enthusiasts think that decentralized finance has a lot of limitations in its existing form. Helping the users meet all their needs outside the world of cryptocurrency is still a tormenting nightmare. This is why Moma Protocol is aiming to change this thing through customizable lending pools for betterment.

Time To Solve The DeFi Disorganization

The first generation of all the DeFi protocols and other services has been successful. However, there is still scope for improvement. Taking care of the needs of current digital asset holders is one thing to pay attention to. But, this is not something that will help common adoption even in the slightest possible way. This is why it is necessary to think out of the box of the existing DeFi realm and explore every small opportunity that can take care of the needs of institutions, organizations, and companies along with other target groups.

The first and foremost way to do this is to tap into the potential liquidity via long-tail assets. Such an asset has a narrow circulating supply along with a low trading volume for people who foreign with this concept. These long-tail assets and also the ideas and technologies associated with them can prove worthy to a lot of people. Thousands of such assets are waiting for a second lease on life in just the cryptocurrency alone.

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Outside the cryptocurrency world, currently, all the people’s focus is on long-tail assets. There are a considerable number of companies and organizations that are leveraging these assets for their profit. Bringing these assets can do wonders for them. It can unlock many interesting use cases assuming that there is the right technology available to facilitate it. Moma Protocol comes in the picture now. They have a smart contract factory that allows their clients to create their customizable lending pools. With this, there is a great possibility that the DeFi ecosystem will hugely benefit from the infinite liquidity that will come in the next few years.

A solution just like this can prove very beneficial and fruitful for people including asset management institutions, long-tail asset holders, and also existing and future DeFi projects. Pool builders will earn revenue from the interest that will be generated by these lending pools. Additionally, there is also an incentive through which they can explore all the options. Moma Protocol has strong B2B relationships, strong tokenomics, and also technical experience. With all this, it won’t take much time for it to become the world’s most significant DeFi project.

Dual IDO And IEO Approach

The Moma Protocol team is now focusing on giving the native tokens to as many people as possible. This will help them enhance the appeal and accessibility of what Moma Protocol is aiming for. The company has without a doubt secured millions in funding via its private, seed, and strategic rounds. However, it is just the first step. SevenX Ventures, Consensus Capital, MXC, AU21, and many others are notable investors in this protocol. Moma Protocol is now planning to host an initial DEX offering or IDO on Bounce and WeStarter platform. There is a bit of time left for the Bounce process as it requires users to first get whitelisted.

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Moreover, there is also an Initial Exchange Offering or IEO on Hotbit at the same time. This will give investors different ways of acquiring the token from the Moma Protocol. Once the token sale ends on all three platforms, the protocol’s assets will receive several multiple trading pairs across various exchanges. Also, on MDEX, Uniswap, MXC, and Hotibit, trading support will be unlocked.

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