More US Mayors Want There Pay Cheque In Bitcoin

A increasing number of mayors around the United States have stated their desire to be compensated in bitcoin. Miami’s mayor has stated that he will take his entire salary in cryptocurrencies.

A increasing number of mayors in the United States are requesting payment in bitcoin. At the time of writing, three mayors and one mayor-elect have stated that their next paychecks will be paid in bitcoin.

The mayor of Miami, Florida, Francis Suarez, was the first to declare that he will be paid in bitcoin, tweeting on Tuesday, “I’m going to take my next paycheck 100 percent in bitcoin.”

In response to Suarez’s post, Eric Adams, the mayor-elect of New York City, tweeted that when he takes office, he will collect his first three paychecks in bitcoin.

Following Adams’ tweet, Suarez stated in an interview with Fox Business that he will not only receive his next paycheck in bitcoin, but will also receive his whole salary in bitcoin.

The mayor of Miami stated that the city’s CIO “was the first employee to actually take a percentage of his salary in bitcoin,” adding, “The first employee to actually take a percentage of his salary in bitcoin.

Two more mayors have expressed a desire to be paid in bitcoin. Mayor Scott Conger of Jackson, Tennessee, who is likewise attempting to turn his city into a bitcoin hotspot, tweeted on Thursday.

The mayor of Tampa, Florida, is another mayor who wants to be paid in bitcoin. Tampa is attempting to become a cryptocurrency hub, according to WTSP, a CBS-affiliated television station, and the city’s mayor wants to show that she is all in.

Mayor Jane Castor mentioned receiving her paychecks in bitcoin during the Bitcoin and Blockchain Summit in Tampa on Friday.

Lauren Rozyla, a spokesperson for the mayor, then stated that the mayor has agreed to accept two BTC paychecks. She is, however, unsure of how it will transpire.

More and more forces are joining Bitcoin force after so much big institutions are investing billions into the no.1 cryptocurrency.

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