“Mossad” Isreal’s Intelligence Agency Is Looking For A Crypto Expert

Job posting for bitcoin and crypto specialist with at least three years expertise in FinTech has been posted by Mossad.

Applicants for this position must be familiar with the technology that drive the sector, according to employment requirements. The candidate must also be an expert in e-commerce, digital currencies and fintech.

According to the job description, the successful candidate will be responsible for planning, initiating, directing, and coordinating all activities related to systems development.

The National Intelligence Agency of Israel has made a surprise step that has sparked a few rumours.

People started tweeting about it as soon as the news spreaded like a bush fire.

Tweets with job role and eligibility are the most posted one.

A user posted a tweet regarding ads of hiring on her timeline.

Currently, the country is showing great interest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Hamas, the militant group that rules the Gaza Strip, a self-governing area in Palestine, is to blame for this.

A number of countries have declared Hamas to be a terrorist organisation. Due to this, the organization’s emphasis in cryptographic transactions has turned to crypto.

They can raise donations anonymously on numerous social media platforms because these operations are untraceable with crypto.

In light of these activities, Israel’s intelligence services are currently striving to sabotage their plans. According to Benny Ganz, Israel’s defence minister, security authorities can seize any crypto account that has ties with Israel’s extremist wing.

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