Mumbai Based 63-Moons Based TickerPlant Launches Crypto Application “Cryptowire”

TickerPlant, a global financial content provider, has created its own cryptocurrency smart app. CryptoWire is designed to be a single source of information for cryptocurrency fans seeking real-time pricing, breaking news, statistics, and charts.

It will even offer cryptocurrency-related courses. The amazing app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, as well as a web browser.

TickerPlant is owned by 63-Moons, a Mumbai-based financial information service provider that has been in business for over two decades and was previously known as Financial Technologies Group.

“As part of its strategic roadmap for growth, 63 moons and its subsidiary, TickerPlant, have charted a future into the universe of digital asset class of cryptocurrencies by launching CryptoWire, a global crypto super app,” the company stated on its website.

CryptoWire is a Master piece on a new asset class that has the entire world talking. According to the business, it is an exchange-neutral knowledge portal that will help to demystify the Crypto Universe.

Cryptowire announced its arrival on Twitter on this December 06. “The Most Credible Opportunity in the Crypto & Blockchain Universe. Big launch of cryptowire, cryptoTV & cryptouniversity on 9th December, 2021”, The firm wrote.

Cryptowire Provides Educational Courses

The ability to enrol in a range of cryptocurrency courses is one of the benefits that customers may take advantage of on CryptoWire. Basic courses all the way up to Ph.D. degrees are available.

The educational courses will be navigate from reputable colleges and institutes. For Example MIT and the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. While some courses will be offered for free, some may need payment.

CryptoWire will also provide a bitcoin IPTV channel called CryptoTV. It will be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week on its app.

The YouTube channel will broadcast in-depth analyses of global trends, stories, and conversations related to cryptocurrencies, as well as additional information about cryptocurrency, blockchain, asset digitization, and asset development.

The super application, which covers the worldwide digital currency market, wants to impact a larger community and assist consumers learn more about cryptocurrencies and blockchain so that they can make smarter investment decisions.

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