NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers To Add NFTs To Public Art Engagement Program

The engagement in non-fungible tokens these days is increasing in popularity with the basketball teams in the NBA. Recently, the Cleveland Cavaliers, an NBA team has shown interest in NFTs and got involved in them. It all started with the boom of NBA Top Shot. But, it soon started spreading to team-specific initiatives such as Golden State Warriors and The Milwaukee Bucks.

Cavalier’s Contemporary Art Program

Unlike everyone else in this industry, the Cavaliers have kept their focus on celebrating the artists rather than bringing commemorative art directly to the auction. Rocket Mortgage is the team’s naming right sponsor. They have engaged with the team locally through different kinds of programs. This also includes the public art program. In 2019, after a two-year renovation of the Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse, the football team announced its program as a unique way to bring a multimedia collection of the contemporary art form to the arena. According to this announcement in 2019, this program was fully and privately funded by Dan Gilbert, the chairman of Cavaliers, and his wife. Along with celebrating the regional artists, the program also focuses on bringing in new and unique artworks from both nationally and internationally renowned artists and creators.

An NFT on display on-site at Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse. Source – Cleveland Cavaliers NFT

Artists’ Engagement Through NFTs

The Cavaliers have now already started leveling up their program by launching a new dedicated NFT collection. This was stated in a recent press release. All the NFTs in their collection will be publicly displayed both physically as well as on big LED screen video boards. They will also be showcasing these NFTs on the team’s social channel for the venue. The Cavaliers have already purchased three NFTs from the Foundation. They have featured them on display in the arena in a glass atrium. This display is about four stories tall and it is easily visible for passersby in downtown Cleveland. These three NFTs were created by famous artists Isaac Garcia and Dillon Hutchins.

Furthermore, the Cavaliers have also recently hosted a private event named “Art of Business”. In this event, 50 attendees were given the first-ever minted NFTs by the team – the “Cleveland Cavaliers Locker Room”. Mike Conley, the Cavaliers and Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse SVP and also Chief Information Officer, described their first NFT concept as “a prelude to some very interesting things we have in store for all our fans coming soon.”

Meanwhile, Rocket Mortgage is continuously building and expanding its network throughout the Midwest through its different programs such as the Public Art Program. It is based in Detroit, Michigan. It is just two or a three hours drive away from Cleveland around Lake Erie. Interested people can sign up for all the alerts on the Cavaliers NFT collection webpage. 

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