NEFTiPEDiA Announces Initial Coin Offering For Governance Token $NFT

NEFTiPEDiA is a decentralized and community-driven NFT marketplace. It recently announced that it is making the platform’s native token NFT available for the public to buy. Regarding the initial ICO (initial coin offering) date and instructions on how to buy them, Natalia Saputra, the CEO and co-founder said, “As of right now, investors can buy NEFTiPEDiA tokens (NFT)  through the NEFTiPEDiA website. Clients must first sign up through the ICO panel on the main page. All funds raised through the sale of NFT tokens will go towards building the world’s first fully decentralized, community-driven NFT marketplace. The token sale will end on July 31, 2021.”

Investors who are interested in buying these native tokens can do that using Ether (ETH), credit card, bank transfer, and Bitcoin (BTC). They will generate a total of750 million NFT and 250 million NFT are for the sale during the initial coin offering. You can visit NEFTiPEDiA’s whitepaper to learn more about the token generation process as well as the distribution plan. Currently, the purchase price per NFT is exactly 0.0215 USD. It will be delivered to any Binance Smart Chain or BEP-20 compatible wallet of your choice upon purchase. 

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Soon these NFT tokens will be available for people to buy, sell and trade through the best cryptocurrency exchanges. The major use case of these NFTs will be as a governance token for the community-driven marketplace. Moreover, they will be incentivizing all the token holders to run the NFT marketplace with the token’s value growth. Also, they will be having the ability to vote on the platform’s future. If you face any issues or have any questions regarding the signup process at the initial coin offering portal, you can contact NEFTiPEDiA’s customer support at 


NEFTiPEDiA is the first decentralized and community-driven marketplace in the world. It is created for an all-inclusive environment of collectors, crypto enthusiasts, tech enthusiasts, artists, and investors. It is a user-friendly platform. Thus, it makes entry easy and interaction with the platform a seamless experience. Also, people don’t need any high-level art or coding skills to participate in their community. Decentralized governance and participation are encouraged on this platform, but people are also rewarded with the platform’s NFT governance tokens. 

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