Nemus is launching a solution to overcome between blockchain and land conservation divide.

Nemus, a new DeFi, and NFT-based preservation initiative is releasing its platforms to encourage sustainable economic activities in the Amazon Rainforest in order to safeguard land and endangered flora and animals.

So Paulo, Brazil, January 10th, 2022 — Nemus is set to debut its NFT platforms, which will give a collecting NFT experience with multiple gaming elements which reward activities to protect and maintain the Amazon rainforest, after months of development.

Nemus is distinct from those other NFT land initiatives in that it works with actual land in the Amazon, giving a crucial link to the “real” world. As more real-estate-based NFT projects come up throughout the world, this is the natural and unavoidable next step in the land-based NFT arena.

Nemus, which is firmly rooted in conservation, aspires to safeguard Amazon rainforest territory as well as different endangered species of flora and wildlife via sound financial operations.

So far, Nemus has acquired 41,000 kilometers of genuine self-development and self property in the Amazon rainforest, about the size of Paris (40 square miles), Amsterdam (84 square miles), and San Francisco (46 square miles) together.

One further 6.1 million acres of land (15 million acres) are now being negotiated and will be available in the near future.

Nemus would dissuade poachers, herders, and every other organization attempting to exploit the jungle for personal benefit by forming a protective belt in one of the Amazon’s worst vulnerable locations. Nemus had split its territories into regions, which are further separated into “drops” of land.

The Genesis NFT Drop, which will take place in the first quarter of 2022, will contain a total of 10,000 NFTs that will be linked to genuine rainforests plots.

When you buy or retain a Nemus NFT, your automatically become a Guardian, a participant of the forthcoming Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), which also comprises the Nemus Foundation’s founding and operating membership.

This DAO would begin as a simple listening ear for activities on the land, where Guardians may express their opinions or point to particular initiatives. The Nemus Foundation will be in charge of several of the spending judgments in order to demonstrate the various sorts of enterprise development that are accessible.

Possession of an NFT does not imply ownership of the land, as detailed in detail in Nemus’ like paper, but it may be used to earn the native NEA token, unlock continuous gaming incentives, and stimulate long-term engagement just on property.

Depending on the gaming mode one chooses to participate with, rewards include $NEA tokens—Nemus native tokens—enhanced NFT capabilities, and the opportunity to mint wholly new NFTs.
Concerning Nemus

Nemus is a DeFi and NFT initiative that promotes nature conservation and ecosystems on the planet. It buys self-development and self properties and safeguards them via the implementation of long-term business growth.

Nemus has a team of industry and technical specialists to assist drive its breakthrough technology to profitability, in addition to being sponsored by a number of clients or partnerships.

Flavio de Meira Penna, the company’s founder, and CEO has operated various enterprises in Brazil that specialize in responsible jungle activities. He’s also a serial entrepreneur, having led a number of companies in the banking business telecommunications sectors.

Nemus’ staff now comprises a number of blockchain and web development specialists with a track record of establishing new platforms, as well as a number of partners who will use their wide networks to help the company place itself at the forefront of conservation innovation.

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